Opinion: The Democrat “Tell”

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Trying to figure out what Leftists are afraid of can be a bit of an art. Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious, while other times you’ve gotta do a little digging to figure out what they are up to. Sometimes conflicting methods and objectives muddy the water so much, it’s well nigh impossible for them to figure it out what they want…much less us.

One interesting example is the conflict between the Democrat desire to keep the crisis mentality going, mostly as a jab at President Trump going into the November election and their desire to keep our kids under their collective thumb in order to continuing to indoctrinate them for several hours per day.

Here’s how that little game is playing out. Teachers Unions in several large cities, Los Angeles and New York for two, are pushing back hard on school reopenings. The unions out in California are adding a list of demands that are merely a rehash of Democrat wants such as:

The LA teachers’ union is holding off on opening schools until new laws are enacted abolishing charter and private schools, eliminating evictions for renters who can’t make payments, removing school resource officers, and defunding law enforcement in general.

One demand the LA teachers’ union did not make was to suspend tax collections from the property owners stuck looking at empty schools and spending their days trying to learn their children’s math lessons.

Go figure.

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That’s one side. Then there is the other side. It starts with a meme I saw on facebook the other day that went like this:


Teachers Take Note: If your work can be done from home, it can be done from India.

Maybe not India, but by more and more families home schooling. During this time of remote education, parents discovered a couple of dangerous (for the Democrats) things. First, parents discovered some of the things their progeny were being taught, and they did not like them.

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Some parents, knowing they were going to have to put in huge amounts of effort anyhow, have opted for the greener pastures of private schools or home schooling. That is the origin of that particular Teachers Union demand, a demand that this particular parental response be prohibited while schools are closed. As I explained in a previous article, this is providing a unique opportunity as parents discovered their new power against school boards and teachers unions—and the unions don’t like it.

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Now, let’s talk about the leftist’s biggest fear, the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. Nested within that overarching fear is a smaller one. It has to do with Trump’s super power as an in person speaker. His phenomenal ability to pack large venues with screaming supporters scares the Democrats to death. With the over hype of the Wuhan China virus, this advantage has been severely circumscribed.

The Democrats believe the playing field is now level, and want to keep it that way. They absolutely want to avoid any sort of comparison of their basement dwelling candidate infomercials with Donald Trump rock concerts. Democrats city and state restrictions on large gatherings put the kabosh on a large scale Republican convention with the concomitant pageantry and excitement that huge crowds generate. That’s a win for Democrats.


The leftists want to keep that part of the playing field level. As I noted in yesterday’s article:

Interestingly, one CNN panel I heard stated that the Republicans should adopt the DNC method for its convention. That comment caused me to snort a mouthful of pretty decent single barrel bourbon out of my nose. If you watched any of the past three days, you can imagine why.

That was followed almost immediately afterwards by the Chairman of the DNC in his opening remarks, where he “hoped that his Republican friends would go the same route” the Democrats did in their convention…all in the name of safety of course.

Safety my fat fundament. This is a huge “tell.” What we surmised, or were pretty darned sure of earlier, is virtually a certainty. The leftists are terrified of videos showing President Trump in front of a crowd…even a crowd of only a few hundred people. They have seen what a snoozer their convention was and want to lock President Trump and the Republican team into the same paradigm.

That ain’t gonna happen folks. Donald J. Trump ain’t an idiot. He is however a showman and knows what moves the entertainment needle. My prediction is that the Republican convention will have very little pre-recorded pap that no one listens to. Instead, the producers will attempt to keep as much live and in person as possible. Which shouldn’t be too hard if they use the model POTUS has been using lately….small (1,000 or so people) at airports and other outdoor venues. Remember, an applauding crowd is an applauding crowd….as long as the camera angle is right.


Remember, like anything Democrats propose, it’s almost never for their stated reason. There is always a nefarious purpose to their proposals. Sometimes, as they did during the final night of the Donkey show this week, they showed a little leg. The Democrats have displayed their “tell.” I just hope there are some Texas Hold ‘em players on the RNC convention production staff.


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