Opinion: Black Lives Matter, Just Not to Democrat Politicians: Part VII, (Conclusion, Life Is What Matters)

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In this undated photo provided by the Illinois State Police, 7-year-old Demond Tunstall, 2-year-old Ivan Tunstall, and 1-year-old Jinela Tunstall are shown. Police are searching for the children they say were last seen with an unnamed 26-year-old woman, who police said they are questioning as a person of interest Friday, Sept. 22, 2006, in East St. Louis, Ill. Police say they are questioning the 26-year-old in connection with the death of a woman whose fetus was cut from her womb. (AP Photo/The Illinois State Police)

Over the last few articles, I’ve pointed out a few specific policies and positions espoused by the left and the resultant deleterious effects on the American black population. Some of these policies were overtly racist and in others, the racism was far more insidious, such as the “soft bigotry of low expectations,” as used in hiring or college admission decisions. Although forcible servitude is now allegedly forbidden, its place has been taken by the promise of subsistence level (barely) support, in exchange for pulling the Democrat lever at the voting booth.

Of course, that support is funded by property forcibly taken from others, yet another form of servitude. Moreover, it seems nowadays, participation in acts of mass violence and property damage are also part of the exchange. There is a fundamental lack of acknowledgment, much less any respect for others.

I believe this is a societal symptom of something much more than merely a craven grasp for power on the part of one political group or another. The issue is a fundamental change in how the individual views himself in our society.

When we broke away from Fat George back in 1776, we created a model of government never truly seen before. We built a system where the individual was sovereign and he, along with his fellows, granted certain aspects of his sovereignty/authority to his home state and/or this new Federalism scheme, while retaining the rest. Heretofore, such sovereignty rested with the Monarch to dispense as he saw fit.


This paradigm allowed individual rights and sovereignty to remain unbounded until they reached the limits properly ceded to the government or the borders of another person’s rights. This societal construct has become well and truly distorted. It has evolved into a narcissistic society, consisting of seemingly harmless pastimes such as taking selfies and posting pictures of each and every activity, proclaiming, “Look at me!” to complete strangers on the internet. Friends are no longer just the very few you would trust with your life. Instead, they number in the hundreds who you’ve never met, but give your “Look at me!” posts a “like.”

This focus on the self is pervasive. I see it in the health and fitness arena. Exercise is good. Eating right is good. But there are those who use their daily exercise routine or eating preferences as another opportunity to shout, “Look at me!” as they preen on about how healthy they are—as they ride their bicycles 3 across, blocking traffic.

This narcissism, this elevation of the self to Godlike status, proclaims the individual is more authoritative than science. It proclaims that if “I feel that I’m a woman,” I should be allowed to compete in women’s sports or be allowed to share restroom facilities with little girls…even though my DNA, Chromosomes, and “OEM” indicate otherwise. If I “feel” that this unborn life inside me will be an impediment to my lifestyle, or even a minor inconvenience, I can kill it and sell off the parts, without a thought.


This is an arrogance of self that says in order to achieve personal desires, it is perfectly fine to step beyond and well into the boundaries other people have erected for their protection. It’s OK to burn down somebody’s property. It’s just fine to beat up an old woman, just because you can. It’s just peachy to take property from someone because well, you deserve it…and you can. It’s fine to murder millions in the womb because…Women’s Rights!

Black Lives Matter! That was the start of this. Along this little journey of ours, one of my longtime friends and commenters, Albert Constantine Jr. posted something that kind of put things in real perspective for me. He points out the (what should have been obvious to me) difference between “lives” and “LIFE.”

I believe that it is fundamental to establish that more important than acknowledging that lives matter, individuals must come to accept that life matters.

Stalin has been credited with remarking that that loss of a single life is a tragedy, but the loss of a hundred thousand lives is a statistic.
The communists were able to justify their destruction of millions during the 20th century because they failed to venerate the sanctity of the individual in their campaign to improve the condition of the masses.

Millions of women are able to exterminate their offspring in the womb and be celebrated by the left because they refuse to acknowledge that it is a life that is being snuffed out, and not merely the removal of inconvenient amorphous invasive tissue.

Thousands are murdered each year in what seems to others as petty disputes because the participants have not learned to sanctify or respect the life force of others or recognize the implications of elevating each disagreement to a death struggle.

Also, on occasion, armed agents of our government take the lives of those who resist them not because they have to do so, but because they can.


My friend Big Al is correct. I was focusing on the wrong area. It’s life that matters. All life. Life is not an inconvenience. It’s a blessing from God. If you examine today’s troubles and look back at the history, it all becomes clear. It becomes much more than political posturing. We have fostered beliefs that a certain degree of melanin content makes one inferior to someone with a different degree. We foster hatred between the two groups. We use the tribalism to sow disunity and therefore dilute the power of people to control government.

We have allowed the deliberate dismantling of the nuclear family. We sanctify “single moms,” as if that is something we wish to foster. We foster individual narcissism that results ultimately in the destruction of a stable and harmonious society, while putting those same individuals into dependence bondage to the government. As we do this, we diminish the sanctity of life. Where does this stop? I don’t know. What I do know, is that to Democrat politicians and their fellow travelers on the left, Black Lives DON’T Matter…because to them, Life Doesn’t Matter.

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