Mike’s Humor Page

Hello! Welcome to Mike’s Humor Page. Here I have hyperlinks to the numerous stories I’ve written over the years. Why? Because even with all the political sturm und drang, we could all use a laugh.


Sunday Humor: The Colonel & The Sergeant Major Make A Wager, But The Private Wins The Bet

Mouse and Giraffe, A Love Story (Slightly Risqué)

The Most Interesting Colonel in the World

Mike & Sam Go Fishin’

The Cat and the Rats

The Colonel Rides The Buffer

Sweet Home Alabama

Sunday Humor-The $147.00 Tasmanian Devil

Trail Boss, Tallil Tom, Green Beans & Ice Cream. Part I of IV (The Trail Boss)

Tales of The Trail Boss: Part II (Tallil Tom)

Tales of The Trail Boss: Part III (The Great Train Robbery)

Tales Of The Trail Boss: Conclusion (Green Beans and Ice Cream)

Sam The Salesman

Mike Misses Valentine’s Day Dinner

This Has Gone Too Far!!

The Trump Waiver


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