Monday, May 4, 2020, Weekly Wuhan Virus Report: The Human Cost

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Unemployed people, numbering about 5,000, wait outside the State Labor Bureau which houses the State Temporary Employment Relief administration in New York City, Nov. 24, 1933. The crowd began to gather at 5 a.m. to register for possibly 90,000 federal relief jobs during the Great Depression. (AP Photo)

Greetings. Here is this week’s Wuhan Virus Roll Up. Today’s report is titled: “The Human Cost.”

Slide One shows total U.S. Infections and total U.S. Fatalities. As we’ve indicated previously, both of these numbers are suspect. Total Infections are based on actual tested patients. Some recent studies have indicated that for each confirmed, tested case, there are likely 50 other persons who have had the disease and either were asymptomatic or had a mild case and recovered without seeking medical attention.

The fatalities number is another story. I won’t regale you again on the corrupt practices now being used to report these numbers. For those who might ask, “Why bother?” my answer is that we need these reports on the record and in as many places as possible, so as to prevent folks going back later and rewriting history.


Slide Two shows Infections, Fatalities and Newly Unemployed each week. At this point we have (including expected May numbers) well North of 30 Million Americans who are jobless. That’s the real human cost. If we don’t put paid to some of the nonsense going on right now, a lot of us are going to end up like that picture from 1933.

We at RedState hope this report adds some more perspective. As always, our prayers go out to not only those fighting the disease, but also those who are now struggling to make ends meet.


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