Wuhan Virus Public Service Announcement

Estimated Age Distribution of COVID-19 Infected Population in New York City, as of 19 march 2020

Hello RedState Team! As you all are aware, we have been (with lots of help from y’all) attempting to keep the public informed regarding Wuhan Virus numbers and trends. Some time back, I noted that the numbers were acting squirrelly. As we went on, the reasons became readily apparent. As pointed out by many of you, we were grossly undercounting the number of infections (the denominator).


Following that, what had been a clandestine attempt to inflate the fatalities numbers (numerator) became a federally encouraged practice. The most notable example of this was Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s open and notorious addition of 3,700 fatalities to New York City numbers…with no actual basis that they were caused by the Wuhan Virus.

I consulted with my data gurus (folks I had previously introduced you to) along with my Managing Editor. At first, we thought about creating some sort of algorithm to cull bogus numbers and hopefully get us towards a more accurate fatality count. We realized by doing that, we would be asking a whole lot of you to take on faith, that our process was proper and our calculations were accurate. In short, we risked becoming the same type as Dr. Fauci’s modelers. No thanks.

Instead, we decided on a different approach. Rather than manipulating the reported numbers, we figured we’d show you the information with and without the outlier of New York. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, New York State has 5.86% of the U.S. population, but according to the (very suspect) numbers, is reporting 41% of the daily fatalities. I’m sorry, but a subway system cannot be the sole reason for such a discrepancy.


So, we will present the numbers & graphs with and without New York State. The intelligent people who come to RedState can judge for themselves just who the toad in the road is.

If for some reason, this new information package isn’t doing the job for you, please let us know in the comments section of the nightly report. As always, we exist to serve y’all.

Prayers for the troops at the cutting edge who have to deal with decisions made many levels above them.


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