Opinion: President Trump Should Hold His Next Rally in Speaker Pelosi’s District

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Now that the (current) impeachment fiasco is done and he has been acquitted, President Trump should go on the offensive. He should spike the ball by holding a rally in California’s 12th District, the Congressional seat occupied by Speaker of the House and failed leader of her caucus, Nancy Pelosi. He should follow that up with one in California’s 28th Congressional District, currently underrepresented by Congressman and failed Impeachment Manager, Adam Schiff.


Some time ago, I wrote,

From my foxhole, this is a perfect set up for what the Military calls, “the pursuit phase” of the battle. There comes a point (if we do it right) that the defenders are so overwhelmed and demoralized, that they are ready to give up. Often an attack from an unexpected direction will be the final event that causes the enemy to break and run.

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For as long as I can remember and with the acquiescence of the Republican Party, Democrats have considered Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays and other discrete demographics, their electoral property.

In 2016, Donald J. Trump began to change all of that. He took the fight to the leftists on their own turf.

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The Democrats are demoralized and in disorder. They have just lost a high profile effort to unseat a duly elected President, adding to his popularity in the process. Along the way, they have managed to dirty up their own designated 2020 standard-bearer. Joe Biden was supposed to get politics’ version of Hollywood’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Presidential nomination. Now it looks more and more likely that his son will get indicted for corruption, which certainly won’t help “Lunch Bucket Joe’s” chances.


We’ve long known about Democrat corrupt political practices. With their latest debacle in Iowa, they’ve also confirmed that not only are they corrupt, but also inept. They can’t even successfully rig an election where they control the entire process from top to bottom. Their leadership failure on the part of Madam Speaker has allowed a bunch of radical upstarts to fracture her party. It is now deeply, perhaps irreparably divided. The resulting internecine battles are so entertaining that I’m putting on weight due to excess popcorn consumption.

They are on the ropes. They are ready to break and run. Now is where we launch that attack from an unexpected direction. In addition to swing states, President Trump needs to go after the Leftists on their home turf. He should do a massive, in-your-face rally in Pelosi’s district. If he has the time, he should also do one in Schiff’s.

There are a number of positives for doing this. First, this forces Democrats to spend time and resources to defend what they once thought unassailable. Although both Pelosi & Schiff are in safe seats, they still cannot afford for their base to be depressed in a presidential election year. Speaking of depression, there is the morale aspect. Seeing an unwounded presidential coup target, striding around their territory will be a severe blow to rank and file Democrat morale. Finally, and this is for the long haul, it will be a public demonstration to conservatives still held prisoner in California, that there are more of us quietly living out there than people can imagine. It will send a clear and public message…that they are not alone.



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