Opinion: Schiff & Nadler, Dumb and Dumber

18th Century American Poet and Philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson is said to have penned, the quasi Machiavellian turn of phrase, “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” The reason for this is quite obvious, if you merely wound the King…or worse miss him entirely, his wrath will be terrible to behold.


Fortunately, this is America and we don’t (at least conservatives don’t) kill our political enemies. Side Note: Epstein didn’t kill himself. However, if the opposition is sufficiently venal and/or incompetent, victory can result in an extended period in the wilderness for those trying but failing to kill the King. This is what the Democrats now face and here’s why.

The anti-American party had their shot—and they screwed up royally. This debacle began even before Donald J. Trump’s election, with improperly authorized surveillance and from my foxhole, a number of felonious activities by the allegedly apolitical DOJ and FBI. When their investigation of “Russian Collusion,” led by a doddering old man failed to find any substantive crime, the Democrats tripled down on previous failure. They put Representative Adam Schiff, backed up by his sidekick Jerrold Nadler, in charge of what would end up a full blown Impeachment Trial in the United States Senate.

Adam Schiff believed he could do his own investigation in secret, using Intelligence Disclosure laws to his advantage. He had hoped he could brute force a House Impeachment and a Senate conviction and removal by continuously distorting the facts and making a mockery of due process.


This came to a head when during the trial portion of this mess, Schiff and the rest of his poor excuse for a legal team began demanding witnesses, witnesses that they had previously decided they didn’t want…badly enough. To put point on it, Schiff and his team refused to DO THE WORK. They refused to do the work of identifying, properly subpoenaing and litigating the “push” between the Executive and the Legislative in order to effectuate the subpoenas. His team actually withdrew the subpoena request for John Bolton and one of his staff members, then at trial whined about needing to have Bolton testify.

Moreover, the House Managers presented as testimony in the Senate Trial, edited (which is OK) video testimony from witnesses that Trump’s defense team did not get a chance to depose prior (which is a real No-No and can get you disbarred)

They then had the temerity to claim on the one hand, they had a slam dunk case, while on the other to mewled about needing witnesses, which also had not been deposed by Trump’s team. That kind of misconduct will also get you tossed out of the courtroom, likely with hate mail from the judge to follow.


In short, the Democrats made a poor decision by attempting to overturn the election of an American President merely because: He defeated the criminal crone from Chappaqua: He has been mostly successful in enacting his agenda and He appears on a fairly steady glide path to reelection. To add insult to injury, their effort was led by two incompetent buffoons who couldn’t seem to follow the most simple due process tenets…something the American public finally saw and was not amused. Once President Trump gets reelected, the Democrats are going to pay a heavy political price. Gloves are are now off and occupying space in a landfill somewhere. Stay tuned for another piece describing what that is going to look like.


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