Opinion: Witnesses; Democrats Are Again Deciding the Terms Of The Debate And the Republicans are Meekly Going Along

Day in and Day out, the mantra from the leftists is the same: Collusion! We need more witnesses! Russia! We need more Witnesses! Trump coerced foreign countries to interfere in our elections! We need more witnesses! Trump obstructed Congress! We need more witnesses. We know we aren’t getting any traction with this farce we’ve put on, so…We need more witnesses! OK. I’ll admit, they haven’t actually SAID the last one. But we all know that is what they are really thinking.


The Republicans need to cowboy up and put paid to this disingenuous drivel. The Democrats have had their witnesses…all the ones they cared to put forth the effort to question. They deposed them in private and then selectively in public hearings. They then converted those depositions into public “testimony” by selectively editing the video record. They have done the same thing with the documents they put forth the required effort to obtain.

The Democrat Impeachment Managers then played/displayed this edited testimony as their evidentiary support for their preposterous positions. Starting Saturday, the President’s team, using the same video testimony sources, played for the the Senate a few chunks of video that the circus led by Representative Schiff mysteriously left out of their edited production. Oddly, the parts shown by President Trump’s legal eagles, totally contradicted what the leftists had alleged. Go figure.

Rep. Schiff as the lead persecutor of the President, almost certainly knew that his case was weak. That’s why he has been mewling like a spoiled brat about additional witnesses. Taking his cue from the Mueller fiasco and knowing he can’t make his case with what he has, is looking for Senate sanction to go fishing.


Well boys and girls, it just doesn’t work that way. Comrades Schiff and Nadler had plenty of opportunity to subpoena any witness or document they needed. They chose not to subpoena or defend issued subpoenas of the people/documents they are now whining about.

As anyone with at least a 7th grade civics level of understanding knows, in a “push” between Congress and the Executive, the proper channel for relief, is the Court. The Democrats just couldn’t be bothered to do the work. They were in too much of a hurry to file the Articles of Impeachment on the “slam dunk” case they had. By filing the Articles of Impeachment, they stated that they were ready to proceed in all regards, including evidentiary matters.

There is no basis at this point for Schiff and his crew to request additional witnesses. I ain’t a lawyer and it’s been several months since I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, but the general rule of thumb is, the prosecution isn’t allowed to introduce a new witness or other items of evidence that have not been deposed/seen by the defense. There are exceptions, but that is the general case.

At the end of this particular day, the House Managers have obviously overstated (to put it lightly) their case. They failed to do the work. The Senate, especially Republican Senators, have zero obligation to extend the House’s bogus investigation by turning this already tainted process, into a more egregious farce, by bringing in new witnesses in hope that somebody, somewhere, will uncover a crime. The Republicans need to stand up and state for the record, loudly and often, “The Democrats had all the witnesses they decided they needed. It’s not our place to rescue their shoddy investigative work.”



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