OpEd: Politico Article -- A Canary in the Coal Mine?

Seton Motley | Red State | RedState.com

You know you are on a roll, when a major leftist publication throws up the white flag, albeit on behalf of two alleged Republicans. In its article, Never Trumpers flame out, Politico describes the woes of Never Trump “Republicans” Joe Walsh and Bill Weld, who have launched vanity/moral preening candidacies, in order to damage President Trump in the primaries. As the article notes,


The “Never Trump” movement had once hoped to embarrass President Donald Trump in 2020 with a primary challenge that would expose the president’s weaknesses within his own party.

But Trump’s GOP opponents are failing to even get on the ballot in many states, let alone gain traction with Republican voters.

Read: Never Trumpers flame out.

These two losers are just the two most obvious examples of a Never Trump movement, that no longer moves others…or even itself. Their ancillary supporters, the Bill Kristols and the Jonah Goldbergs, will soon follow, along with more than a few Never Trump pundits. A few folks, not to be named, have already had their 15 seconds of fame and are now forgotten.

This is a purge that is needed. It will culminate when President Trump is acquitted in the Senate and wins a landslide victory in November. At that point, these folks will try to resurrect themselves and attempt to insert their vapid philosophies into the Trump succession process.

None of this is new news—to us. It is, however, news to the leftists…and of course, to their RINO enablers, but not for long.


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