Democrat Primary Debate: Sweet 16...Well—12 anyhow.

Democrat Primary Debate: Sweet 16…Well—12 anyhow.

Hello Red State! Welcome to the Live Blog of tonight’s Democrat Primary Debate. My name is Mike Ford, one of your Front Page Contributors and I’ll be your host. Tonight, as a special treat, we have as a guest commentor helping me out, Mike T. a retired Army Major, Intelligence Officer, and now a Sergeant with a major metropolitan Police Department.


As always, it’s YOUR eyes, ears and YOUR comments that are critically important. Red State cannot succeed without engagement from you. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Comments that I find especially on point, just might get “promoted” to the main article thread.

What’s our live assessment of the Democrat re-creation of the Beach Scene in “Lord of the Flies,” without a contest? Tonight’s contest question is: Who will be the first to go after Biden? Tie Breaker: Who will be the first to pull a Bernie Sanders-Clinton “damned e-mails,” by telling the others to lay off Biden and focus on Trump? I’ll start a contest thread below. Please keep your picks in that thread, so I don’t miss any entries. At 10:00PM, I’ll close the thread (unless I have an earlier winner. As soon as possible after the debate, I’ll announce the winner.

Remember troops, we aren’t like the left. We are Happy Warriors because we know we are the good guys and our cause is just. Let’s have some fun! The debate begins at 8:00PM. Blog goes hot at 7:30. Feel free to chime in beforehand with predictions, commentary or just general levity.


Here’s the line up tonight

1. Joe Biden, former vice president
2. Cory Booker, New Jersey senator
3. Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana
4. Julián Castro, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary
5. Kamala Harris, California senator
6. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota senator
7. Beto O’Rourke, former Texas congressman
8. Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator
9. Tom Steyer, businessman
10. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts senator
11. Andrew Yang, entrepreneur
12. Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii congresswoman

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Thanks to all for coming by! Hope to see Y’all in the next few days as we sort out just what these leftists are trying to do to us.

Qquestion for the team….Who did better..Warren beating back attacks…or old Uncle Joe, now, not screwing up too much?

2311-Donnybrook (commentor): And it’s done… I like how they all talked about uniting the country at the end, and working across the aisle with Republicans. Of course, they might try working with Trump first, and dropping that impeachment nonsense. But I seriously doubt they’re serious. 🙂


2309EST-Elizabeth Vaughn: Tulsi Gabbard had a good night. Biden, Warren, didn’t really move the needle. I don’t really see that it moved the needle for any of them. The more I see of Julian Castro, the less I like him.

2306EST-Mike Ford: Debate is over….need some feedback! side note: I’m tired of folks who’ve NEVER been in that combat situation, talking about “incoming fire.”

2305EST-Mike Ford: Well, that explains a lot. Navy Captain John McCain used to work for Biden.

2304EST-Mike Ford: Warren says to of her three military brothers are Republicans…she should listen to them

2258EST-Elizabeth Vaughn: Candidates are asked what friendships they have that would surprise us. Julian Castro, BS; Tulsi Gabbard said Trey Gowdy, I was impressed; Amy Klobuchar, can’t stop telling us about her friendship with John McCain, not impressed; Tom Steyer, BS; Cory Booker, Ted Cruz, Booker is likable, just has stupid ideas.

2303-bk (Red State commentor) Heh – At the moment, Drudge poll on debate has Tulsi 40% / Yang 21% / all others in single digits.

2249EST-Mike Ford: Klobuchaur quotes McCain

2247EST-Mike Ford: Watching closing remarks

2243-MaOR MIKE T: One final comment, just heard Fauxahontas talk about people getting paid less because “of the color of their skin.“ Woman, I’ve always thought your economic policies were from the 1940s but apparently your racial ones are from the 1830s. Show me any large corporation or other entity that pays blacks or Hispanics less than whites. I have no doubt there are one or two small businesses where the stupidity like that happens, incidents like that are few and far between. But then again you wouldn’t know, you’re WHITER than ivory soap And live in a very tall glass tower

2240EST-Mike Ford: Bobby O’Rourke is a liar. He had squat to do with improvements in the VA. If you are Veteran in his district, you should vote for his primary opponent and then vote for the Republican in the General Election.Before he runs his mouth, he need to enlist, volunteer for overseas service and walk point.

2235-Elizabeth Vaughn: Biden says he’s the only person on this stage who’s ever gotten anything done. Bernie reminds him of some unfortunate things he and Obama got done.


2234-Mike Ford: I got to give Bernie credit. He is an open communist, as opposed to the rest of the liars up there.

2230-Mike Ford: Biden is sounding like a conservative…he’s counting the dollars.

2125-Mike Ford: Biden is opposed to packing the court

2124-Major Mike T: Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, remember the Kiramitsu decision was the law of the land, as well as Plessy V Ferguson. Are you implying the Supreme Court is infallible. Wait, isn’t everyone of you up there ready to say that Scotus got it wrong on current campaign finance?

2121-Mike Ford: and we are back to the Democrat primary platform plank…the legal ability to murder children in the womb.

2120-Mike Ford: Harris can’t see any law that tells a man to do what to do with his body…she needs to look at the draft.

2119-Mike Ford: I notice that the “Political” moderators, dismiss comments by folks who actually do stuff…like Yang

2217EST-Mike Ford: Klobachoaur…she gets competition. Given. A conservative husband…she could turn out OK.

2214-Major Mike Thiac: Crazy Bernie keeps going back to the issue of capitalism. Thanks to a capitalist society, diseases like MS, leukemia, diabetes, have better treatments, and possible cures in the future. If someone like him was in charge on how to research medicine and medical issues, he would’ve died from a cut on the finger, because the government would not approve Band-Aids yet. Not enough gay Nazi for Christ midgets on the board yet.

2214-Elizabeth Vaughn: I’m not defending opioid manufacturers, but in my hometown, fentanyl has been involved in most of the overdose deaths of teenagers and young people. Much of that fentanyl is smuggled into the U.S. at our southern border. Not one of the candidates mentioned this important reality.

2210-Mike Ford: Booker claims Trump is “unhealthy.” Interesting that Candidate Trump worked her Steatopygiousness into the ground in 2016.

2208-Mike Ford: Steyr says some conceptual stuff that’s good…and then fails to credit Trump for the success.

2200-Mike Ford: CNN prevents Gabbard from asking Warren about her National Security chops.


2157-Mike Ford: Age questions are giving candidates opportunity to front load their closing arguments

2147-Major Mike T: Joe Biden—Plugs, you have been an office longer than most of the people on that stage of been alive. Why didn’t you take care of every problem during the first 50 years?

2144-Mike Ford: Castro just put paid to door to door gun confiscation…using the latest police shooting in Texas.

2137EST-Major Mike T: Bobby O’Rourke, who keeps calling the AR15 a “weapon of war“ please, name ONE military force that uses it? The American Army does not use it. Nor does annoy other.

2135EST-Mike Ford: Butt Boy bowed up on Bobby. Called him out for impugning his courage.

2131EST-Elizabeth Vaughn: Biden fiercely attacked Trump’s foreign policy decisions. Robert Gates wrote in his book that Biden has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

2129EST-Major Mike T: Joe, you had experience with Foreign Policy? You’ve never done anything in your life except run for office. You were elected to the Senate at the age of 29 years and 11 months. Hey Plugs, we have a terrorist coming through that open border on Texas California New Mexico and Arizona. What did you do to stop it

2127EST-Mike Ford: Steyer uses the Syria civil War, to change the discussion to climate change.

2125EST-Major Mike T: “Tore up a nuclear agreement,” it was not verified by the Senate. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on, God knows the Iranians never looked at it as worth anything.

2019EST-Major Mike T: Fauxahontas , Obama said Isis was destroyed. Apparently it was not, and Trump had to clean up his mess

2014EST-Mike Ford: Butt Boy contradicting Gabbard…and himself. Gabbard is the only one who understands that we are in Syria illegally.

2010EST-Mike Ford: Tulsi Gabbard says Trump has blood on his hands…as well as folks from BOTH parties who advocate for this “regime change war.” Says stop supporting Al Qaida affiliated groups in Syria.

2007EST-Major Mike T: Spartacus is talking about “the violence of child Poverty.“ His party destroyed the black family with the great society. Nothing lead to more black poverty than that.


2005EST-As always, my fellow RedStaters are more cogent than I. Elizabeth Vaughn: Corey Booker and Julian Castro are vying to become Elizabeth Warren’s running mate.

OK…Candidates are on break. Get some commentary in here so we can liven up this place!

2102EST-Elizabeth Vaughn: EV: Warren delivers a reprise of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” to defend her wealth tax.

2052-Mike Ford: Warren, like most leftists…Not only cannot do math, but also advocates for welders, plumbers and mechanics, to be taxed to pay for college for gender studies graduates.

2050-Major Mike T: Bernie is actually so stupid he believes he can take all the wealth out of this nation and it still be there. Rich people simply take their money overseas where can’t be touched. Knowing him he’ll figure out a way to move one of those three mansions.

2047-Mike Ford: Sanders says we should tax billionaires out of existence. Steer agrees. Has he donated to the US Government? there’s a way to do that.

2045-Mike Ford: Bobby O’Rourke seems to believe that increasing labor costs here in the US, will encourage businesses to repatriate jobs.

2042-Mike Ford: Interesting…initially, this was about bashing Trump. Now they are on the economy….This is Trump’s wheelhouse.

2040-Mike Ford: Castro claims Ohio is losing jobs under Trump. somehow I doubt that.

2032-Mike Ford: Well…that didn’t take long…Harris brings the discussion to the Democrats’ prime mission in life…murdering the unborn.

2030-Mike Ford: Biden goes after Warren claiming (quite rightly) that taxes will go up more for the middle class, than they will get from Warren’s program.

2030-Elizabeth Vaughn channels Sherlock…. Candidates are ganging up on Warren now that she’s arguably the front runner.

2029: Now Klobuchaur is going after Warren. Sherlock Holmes would call that a clue….

2025-Elizabeth Vaughn: Warren refuses to admit she’ll have to raise taxes on the middle class. In fact, she’ll lower their costs. Buttigieg calls her out.

2023-Mike Ford: Butt Boy is taking Warren to task for not answering the question and not providing details. “She is why people don’t trust Washington.”


2020-Mike Ford: Warren won’t answer question about taxes going up to pay for MediCare for all.

2017-Mike Ford: Anderson Cooper addressing Biden, said there was no evidence Biden fils did anything wrong. sounds like another Candy Crowley…only a little lighter.

2014-Mike Ford: Tulsi Gabbard….President Trump, like it or not, won the election in 2016.

2006EST-Mike Ford: Harris quotes Maya Angelou…isn’t that nice.

2002EST-Mike Ford: Good first question to Warren…Why not let the voters decide?

2001EST-Mike Ford: with apologies to Jackie Gleason….And Awaaaay We Go!

1957EST-Mike Ford: Now introducing the candidates…in order of poll numbers…Biden, Warren, Sanders. Biggest applause was tie between Sanders & Warren…Uncle Joe…not so much.

1955EST-Zork(Commentor): Tulsi is going to go after Warren even harder than Biden…she campaigns very well I think…she is underestimated…she would bethe least bad of the Democrats if Trump had to lose…

1947EST-Mike Ford: OK, the clown car has emptied into the venue, but not on stage. CNN pundits are kibitzing on who is going to be bounced from the next debate in November.

1942EST-Mike Ford: He’s hitting all the markers…MediCare, MedicAid, ObamaCare, Obama saving the auto industry…and of course all the socially aberrant behaviors.

1940EST-Mike Ford: DNC Chair is winding up the crowd. I’t’s pretty bad that he has to refer to a GM strike as the only economic jab that he can get at POTUS.

1912EST-Mike Ford: National Anthem. Singer gets a 7 out of 10. Started out doing his “interpretation,” but finished strong/traditional. As always in the Ford Household…we stand…even indoors…in our own home.

1908EST-Mike Ford: The impeachment inquiry is about 30-50 percent of the conversation.

1905EST-Mike Ford: Lots of pregame talk on CNN regarding Hunter Biden. Jury is still out as to whether this is a leftist attempt to circle the wagons to insulate Biden pere or is this going to be the final shot that will start his inevitable departure. I’d like some commentary on this as the night goes on.


1927EST-Mike Ford: CNN just ran a commercial by a “lifelong atheist who “isn’t afraid of burning in hell,” promoting “Freedom From Religion.”

1900EST-Mike Ford: CNN, in the interests of “diversity,” has three co-moderators.

•Anderson Cooper anchors Anderson Cooper 360, a daily CNN news program.

Erin Burnett anchors Erin Burnett OutFront, a daily CNN news program.

Marc Lacey is the National editor at the Times, overseeing the paper’s correspondents across the country.

1857EST-Mike Ford: In the middle of all this, Speaker Pelosi came out to announce that the Democrats would NOT vote on a formal Impeachment Inquiry…Yet. for those of use who have been wondering just when President Trump was going to pull out the baseball bat…I think we are just about there…he’s told Pelosi’s House minions that he won’t comply with subpoenas unless the farce masquerading and an Official Act by the House, is voted on. More to follow.

1851EST-Mike Ford: Little note on the pre-pregame shows on FNC & CNN. the CNN crew is prepping the battlefield restating as fact things that have already been proven false, like Russia collusion among others. what is interesting, Fox News, despite ridding themselves Smith, appear to be moving more and more left. Pundit Mara Liason, a long term never Trumper believes she smells blood in the water.


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