Democrats Eat Their Own...Again

Is this Bernie Sanders Part Deux? Over at American Thinker, Monica Showalter has a piece out showcasing what appears to be yet another case of the Democrat Establishment slapping down someone who steps out of line. It seems that according to rapidly changing debate qualification rules, Democrat Candidate Tulsi Gabbard might not qualify for the next Democrat Presidential debate, despite having the requisite poll numbers and more than enough discrete, individual donors. From the article


Iconoclastic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard did the unforgiveable in the eyes of the hidebound Democratic Party establishment: She knocked down one their favorites, Kamala Harris. 

Ms. Showalter points to a Real Clear Politics article for some of the detail, but her analysis is what really hits the mark. She points out that this is obviously retribution against Representative Gabbard (a combat vet) for taking out, in just 30 seconds during the last Democratic Presidential debate, who many believe is the Obamas’ chosen successor, Kamala Harris.

This raises the question of if this was ‘punishment’ for that ‘little misdeed’ around Kamala Harris at the last debate. Nobody messes with Kamala, or so it seems, so now Tulsi must pay a price.

Showalter provides two additional major clues for her position.

One, the herd is not really being culled for Debate Three.
Democrats are still going to be taking Marianne Williamson into the debate as well, along with this lengthy list of pipsqueaks and other obscure characters listed below. Just not that woman in the white pant suit who is remembered for the debate’s most memorable moment in Debate Two, the takedown of Kamala Harris.

Two, Google seems to have already done a number on Gabbard, taking down her paid-for campaign ads during the first debate when Internet viewers’ interest in her spiked to the highest levels of all the campaign. Google, most of the reporting has neglected to note, is brimming with former Obama administration operatives. Democrats, the pillars, the money, the establishment. Might that suggest some sort of fix in for Gabbard as well? It’s pretty obvious something is going on.


I believe Ms. Showalter is spot on. The question is, will Bernie Sanders be a man and step up? Will he point out this travesty and yet another example of Establishment Democrats picking the nominee over the objections of their voters?

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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