LIVE BLOG: Democrat Primary Debate: Round 2, Part B

Democrat Primary Debate: Round 2, Part B

Hello Red State! Welcome to the Live Blog of the Democrat Primary Debates; Round 2, Part B. My name is Mike Ford, one of your Front Page Contributors and I’ll be your host. Tonight, as a special treat, we have two guest commenters, Sam (who some of you might remember from my articles) is highly successful businessman & Retired Army Colonel along with Mike T. a retired Army Major, Intelligence Officer, and now a Sergeant with a major metropolitan Police Department.


As always, your eyes & ears and YOUR comments on the debate are critically important. Red State cannot succeed without engagement from you. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Last night’s contest winner was nathankarlen. Nice job! Tonight’s contest will be how many times the moderators or candidates mention misogynist between 8:00PM and 10:30PM. I’ll start a contest thread below. Please keep your picks in that thread, so I don’t miss any entries. At 8:30PM, I’ll close the thread and tally votes/picks. As soon as possible after the debate, I’ll announce the winner.

Remember, we aren’t like the left. We are Happy Warriors because we know we are the good guys. The debate begins at 8:00PM. Blog goes hot at 7:30. Feel free to chime in beforehand with predictions, commentary or just general levity. Have fun!

10:50-Mike Ford: Debate’s over! Great participation tonight by our Red State viewers. I want to thank the Red State Team for helping out with this. I also want to give special kudos to two Army Veterans, COL Sam and MAJ Mike who joined as special commenters.

Additional thanks to Red State viewers who hung in there with us and took the time to comment.

I’d be interested in hearing who you thought did best tonight…and which 6 (in rank order) will make the final cut. I’ll start a thread in the comments section.

10:32-Mike Ford: Another commenter promoted…SeanDuncan64So let me get this straight – these folks want to cut fair trade deals using tariffs to protect our sovereignty (Gabbard). They want to get rid of that nasty Obamacare (several). They want to improve the pay and employment for minorities (all of them). They want out of Afghanistan and reinvest the money in making America great again (Gabbard, or all of them?). They want a saner criminal justice system (all of them?). And some of them even want merit-based immigration (Yang).


Are they debating for the Dem primaries, or to see which of them gets to be on Trump’s reelection campaign staff?

10:26PM-Mike Ford: DeBlasio…best impeachment…is to beat Trump in 2020.

10:25PM-Mike T: OK…we are all now kumbaya…Impeach, Impeach, Impeach.

10:23-Mike Ford: Gabbard just lied. As a still serving Commissioned Officer, she knows there were WMD in Iraq. I was there…

10:18PM-Mike Ford: Gabbard just gave a great answer to the Afghanistan debacle. Too bad she doesn’t realize that Trump is doing just what she wants. moderator does…he just changed the subject to Iran.

10:13PM-Mike T: Moderators protecting Biden from 2nd (maybe 3rd) tier candidate Gillibrand. She’s also as dumb as a sack of hammers.

10:11PM-Mike Ford: Equal pay for women canard again.

10:05PM-Mike Ford: DeBalsio came pretty close to “Workers of the World Unite! Hmmmm…where have I heard THAT before?

10:04PM-Mike Ford: Biden just agreed with Trump…says he would not rejoin TPP as it was.

10:04PM-Mike T: Secretary Castro, governments don’t invest, they spend.

9:59PM-mike Ford: One of the commenters said this…too good to leave below…so I brought it up here…

This is like a comedy. Castro says he’s the guy to fix safe housing issues because he was HUD director when Flint happened. Thanks for reminding everyone that happened on Obama’s watch!

9:56PM-Mike Ford: Booker claims voter suppression (along with the Russians) for the loss of Michigan. He’s likely correct…I couldn’t possibly be because Her Steatopygiousness never went there.


9:52PM-Mike Ford: Dems now stumbling over each other in moving left.

9:47PM-Mike Ford: Climate Change…playing to the base again. Wow…Booker says we need to go further than rejoining the Paris accords.

9:39PM-Mike Ford: aaaaand…there it is…White Privilege.

9:29PM-Mike Ford: Gabbard goes after Harris…breakout moment?

9:28PM-Mike T (Police Sergeant) Police Department “consent degrees” are ways for connected people to get a high paying job for screwing up a police agency

9:28PM-Sam: Eric Garner (killed under President Obama) was arrested and killed because he sold single cigarettes on the street. De Blasio had raised taxes on cigarettes to almost $10/pack causing the confrontation

9:24PM-Mike T (The Police Sergeant): Mr Castro, you are a liar. If you can scream, you can breath.

9:20PM-Sam: Democrats say drug users good, police bad

9:19PM-Sam: Booker must smoke dope, Democrats want to legalize weed. Booker is most effective against Biden. This is a zero gain discussion except for druggies.

9:18PM-Mike T (The police Sergeant): Life sentences for “drug offenses?” Name the person

9:07PM-MikeT: Ms Congressperson, the reason college costs so much is the government is generating a false demand by subsidizing it.

9:04PM-Sam: Yang just hit the nail on the head, we need quality immigration that increases our GDP. We don’t need illegal immigration that provides no return to our nation. Biden is the adult in the room on this.


8:59PM-Sam: Castro goes for Biden’s throat on immigration. Biden is coming across as halfway sane…

8:46PM-Mike Ford: Harris (actually all of them) is (are) more concerned with illegal aliens than Americans.

8:54PM-Sam: Immigration is a no win if open borders is a position for any candidate, Castro is using his Hispanic voice.

8:54PM-Mike T: Senator Harris, worried about the high cost of insulin? How about you push to allow more companies to produce it, generic version, therefore the price will go down.

8:50PM-Mike Ford: Somebody woke up Uncle Joe!

8:50PM-COL Sam:Deblasio is not being given an opportunity to demonstrate that he is a loon

8:45PM-Mike T: Miss Gabbard, I have a chronic illness, that has only had treatments available the last 20 years. It is because of private industry I am able to be treated. It is exactly because of people like you not in medicine I should be able to be treated. Keep your hands off my medicine.

8:43PM-COL Sam: Biden is looking to limit Phamacy R&D by limiting what a manufacturer can charge for their products. there goes the cure for AIDS, cancer and all other stuff.

8:40PM-Mike Ford: Gabbard just gut shot Harris by pointing out Sibelius’s who endorsed her (Harris’) plan, works for the insurance companies now.

8:37PM-Mike Ford Cory Booker got one right, Donald Trump is enjoying this dumpster fire…BTW What is a civil rights parent…

8:29PM-Mike Ford: Harris backs of eliminating private insurance


829:PM-COL Sam: Biden sounds Presidential, he needs to clearly state his platform and vision for the nation

8:29PM-MAJ Mike T: Joe, you’ve been in DC for half a century, and **now** you’re worried about the nations soul? Where have you been the last five decades?

8:24PM-MAJ Mike T: RE $1,000.00/mo stipend…In other words you’re going to steal money from one group of Americans who actually work, and give it to another who don’t work.

8:10PM-Mike Ford: Lost opportunity for Tulsi Gabbard…as a veteran, she’s entitled by law to salute during National Anthem. Biden appeared to be the only one who knew the words.

8:01PM-Mike Ford: Tonight’s candidates are: Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, Andrew Yang, Bill de Blasio, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Just like last night, proximity to center stage is based on candidate poll numbers, donations and number of times that candidate has called President Trump a racist.

8:00PM-MAJ Mike T: I suspect that like last night the general audience will fall off quickly unless one or more of the lower tier candidates can capture the audience with energy and insight. Complaining about Trump is not a winning strategy.

7:55PM-COL Sam: It will be interesting to see if Biden and Harris team up as we saw last night between Sanders and Warren

7:55PM-Mike Ford: Mike T is MI…and Sam…is a cannon cocker.

7:50-Streiff: Now we have at least two infantrymen on the same page. No telling what might happen.


7:47PM-Mike Ford: Is it just me or has Obama been invoked more during the intros than all night last night?

7:47PM-MAJ Mike T: Democrats caused those issues like Bloody Sunday, and the Internment of Americans in WWII

7:44PM-COL Sam: Perez misses President Obama, interesting that he likes less than 1% growth and low wages, low homeownership and demoralized police and military

7:41PM-Major Mike T: Can anyone name a single accomplishment of anyone on that stage?

7:40PM-Mike Ford: DNC chair talks about Ted Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate…somehow overlooks he letting his girlfriend to suffocate in the car he drunkenly drove off a bridge.

7:32PM-Mike Ford: Contest is open.

7:30PM-Mike Ford: Live Blog is now open. Welcome!

7:28PM-COL Sam (the businessman): SEIU president is making a case for $15/hour minimum wage. The average US worker earns $27/hour, $15 is not a living wage in Detroit or any other city. The key is obviously to focus on STEM training and skilled technical occupations.

7:21PM-COL Sam: It is most appropriate that the Democrat debate is in America’s city that has seen the degradation that Democrat leadership brings to its citizens.

7:20PM-COL Sam:It is most appropriate that the Democrat debate Takes place. In Detroit,an America’s city that has seen the degradation that Democrat leadership always brings to its citizens

7:17PM-Mike Ford: Michigan LT Governor goes down the list “victims classes to announce 3 female State positions, a gay state position and himself as the first Black Lieutenant Governor.


7:10PM-Mike Ford: pregame show is on…starting with Michigan’s Democrat Lieutenant Governor.


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