President Trump Stirs the Pot in Dems' Civil War, Forcing Pelosi To Make Nice With Those Who Want to Destroy Her










My good friend and RedState colleague Bonchie, has written a chiding post regarding a series of tweets by President Trump this morning. His position appears to be that President Trump’s tweets and inferred (by the leftists) choice of targets will leave our side open to charges of racism. My initial response to that is, “So What?” They are going to call us racists no matter what we say or do. Time to cowboy up and push back against patently false accusations – and do so with force, which the President did this morning.


Let’s take a look at the tweets in question. It appears to most reasonable folks that the President is referring only to two Congresswomen, Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Although due to the obvious corruption and mishandling of hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico, he could possibly be including Rep. Cortez, but I doubt it.

What the President tweeted is what most of middle America is thinking; Your families fled some third world hell hole that practices abuse of women—including genital mutilation – in order to come to these United States. You and your families live under the protection that a Constitutional representative republic provides. Your family has more opportunity here than in any other nation in the world. Instead of continually badmouthing these United States, why don’t you and your family go back to the third world hole you came from and fix it?

That’s a reasonable response to their caustic and unfounded (and often profane) criticism of the President. It’s certainly not racist, unless you are a leftist or a RINO enabler like Paul Ryan. It might sound ugly, but the President’s tweets this morning echo a sentiment that a good majority of Americans strongly support, although they might not admit to it outside their circle of close friends.

Of course, rather than look at what the President wrote, like most leftists, Pelosi and her posse joined the usual screeching of “Racism!” What is sad is that in some quarters our side are still afraid of that epithet. Nothing, repeat nothing, that President Trump said in that series of three tweets was out of line or remotely racist. He is merely pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of fleeing a country that is racist, that is misogynist, and that is intolerant of other religions, to the point of destroying Churches and killing Christians, while badmouthing the country that took you in. Let’s not forget the odd homosexual or two being tossed off a building.


Let’s not also forget that the two Congresswomen he was likely referring to, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, made a big deal out of browbeating the House to amend its rules so they could wear their hijabs on the floor. How nice; they insist on changing the rules to wear an article of clothing that openly symbolizes the maltreatment of women in the Muslim world.

Trump is saying and doing exactly what I sent him to Washington to do, which is to push back on leftist propaganda and do so in plain language. Not only is he doing that, but he’s giving us on the right the courage to also push back. We don’t have to be afraid of being labeled as racists. We now have the courage of our convictions to merely snort in derision and get on with the job of making America great again.

Great Job, Mr. President. Keep putting these mindless twits in their place.

One final note—President Trump has managed to get Nancy Pelosi to come out in support of these children. How do you think that is going affect her grip on the levers of power in the House? This newfound “unity” my colleague points to is merely a chimera.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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