A Different Aspect Of Tariffs

Mexican federal police in riot gear receive instructions at the border crossing between Guatemala and Mexico, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018. Members of a 3,000-strong migrant caravan have massed in this Guatemalan border town across the muddy Suchiate River from Mexico, as U.S. President Donald Trump threatens retaliation if they continue toward the United States. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)


A Different Aspect Of Tariffs.

This coming Monday, absent some serious and verifiable action by Mexico, by order of President Trump, Mexican goods coming into these United States will get a 5% tariff levied on them. This action is similar to an action the President recently took against China. In that case, President Trump imposed escalating tariffs in response to Chinese trade practices such as copyright and patent violations.

Mexico is a different deal and offers Americans a different opportunity. President Trump is trying to encourage Mexico to stop its assistance to illegal aliens using Mexico as a transit corridor on their march North to file bogus asylum claims.

This situation of hundreds of thousand of illegals flowing across our borders is not entirely of Mexico’s making. Much like U.S. demand for illegal drugs has created the “attractive nuisance” that fosters a billion dollar drug trade, Congressional legislation and decisions by activist judges, have contrary to international convention, created “asylum seekers” out of ordinary economic migrants. That’s not Mexico’s fault. It’s ours.

However what is Mexico’s fault, is their enabling of these groups to transit Mexico, often providing transportation Northward towards U.S. crossing points. President Trump’s objectives for Mexico are quite simple. He wants Mexico to get control of its Southern border and he wants Mexico to as delineated by international treaty, to be the “first safe space,” these economic migrants stop in.


Here’s the unique aspect of using tariffs to motivate Mexico. It provides a clear choice to American taxpayers. If we continue to allow these economic migrants into the United States, we will continue to have to support them with our tax dollars. The American taxpayer gets little if any choice on that. Imposing a 5 percent tariff puts that choice back with the American taxpayer/consumer. He or she can now decide whether to continue to buy Mexican products at the increased price…or not. Just another small benefit of The Trump Doctrine On Tariffs.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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