Give It A Rest Mr. Goldberg!

Give it a Rest Mr. Goldberg!

In today’s National Review Online, once again Jonah Goldberg promotes his never Trump bona fides. In an article entitled “Trump Can’t Blame Mueller for His Poor Approval Ratings,” he makes light of the effect of the 35 Million dollar, two-year Mueller Investigation that with his help, sucked the air out of every positive accomplishment of the President.From the article:


Is it true that the president’s poll numbers have suffered largely because of what he calls a “witch hunt”? The shortest and most accurate answer for this and all counterfactuals is, “We can never know.” Still, there’s ample reason to conclude the answer is, “Probably not.”

Sorry Mr. Goldberg. Wrong on both counts. Of course we can know. The evidence is all around you. For one thing, You Sir, are part of it. A never Trumper, you are also part of the cacophony of media elites that look for any excuse to bash this President. On more than one occasion, you have cheered on this so called, “investigation.” This investigation which is only now being publicly outed as nothing more than an illegal attempt to prevent the election of Donald Trump and more recently, a vicious coup attempt on a sitting president.

Day in and day out, for the past two years, the American electorate has been fed a media diet of Trump stories, 90 percent of which were negative. Many of these have been outrageous twists of the facts, some even outright fabrications. Corrections to these, if ever offered, have been days, weeks and even months afterwards, and then buried deep in the personals section.

The pivotal piece for these stories was often the Mueller investigation, promoted by breathless reporting of the bombshell of the week, all of which ended up being duds.


Never Trumper that he is, Mr. Goldberg blames Trump for failing to reach across the aisle in the first days of his Presidency.

Normal presidents begin their terms by reaching across the aisle and attempting to at least appear as if they represent the whole country. They try to build on the coalition that elected them. Trump has never made any sustained effort in this regard. From his inaugural address onward, Trump has catered to his biggest fans and most ardent supporters.

Sorry Mr. G, that’s just false to fact. Trump reached out on many an occasion and was not only rebuffed by the Democrat machine led by Pelosi & Schumer, but he was also rolled by his own side in the persons of Ryan and McCain when it came to the Federal budget and the repeal of Obamacare. In case you haven’t noticed, Trump almost never attacks first. He almost always starts out conciliatory, and only tears off somebody’s head when rebuffed or attacked.

I expect the Leftists to act that way, but when the folks allegedly on our side do it, they should expect to get spanked. President Trump was very gracious to the McCain family after Senator McCain left to his reward. The President provided aircraft and support to them. How did they respond to all of that? They turned (along with the press) McCain’s funeral a two-week Trump bashing event.


Another thing Mr. Goldberg,

“Trump won in 2016 by picking the lock of the Electoral College while losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.”

Wrong. President Trump won the Electoral College vote by a significant margin by going to states where there criminal crone from Chappaqua believed she had a lock.

Although Mueller has effectively cleared Donald Trump and the Trump campaign of any substantive wrongdoing (process crimes don’t count) the leftist politicians & the media (including yourself) are still beating that drum. Time to grow up. Trump won the election. Trump has been cleared. It’s long past time to start talking policy.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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