Worse. Than. Watergate.

Worse Than Watergate. That’s the title of John Leonard’s piece in today’s edition of American Thinker. Full disclosure: I am a sometime contributor to AT. John makes a great case that the directed attempt by Obama Administration employees, both Appointed and Civil Service, diminishes Nixon’s coverup of a two-bit burglary to something akin to walking outside the crosswalk lines at an intersection at two in the morning with no traffic.


He does a great job comparing and contrasting the two events, using Attorney General Barr

In a delicious irony, this week Attorney General William Barr implied that a new bar might have been set (pun intended) during the 2016 election cycle when he announced that he believes President Trump’s political campaign was spied by the federal government.

Here’s the money paragraph (emphasis, mine)

At the heart of the Watergate scandal was a bungled burglary. No one got hurt. If Nixon hadn’t tried to obstruct justice, his presidency might have survived the scandal. Watergate is about to become ancient history because it pales in comparison to what the Obama administration just did. Innocent American citizens have had their lives destroyed in a criminal attempt to topple the Trump administration.


It’s a great read. Please take the time to look it over. Leonard is quite correct when he opines, “Heads need to roll.”

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