Trump Vindicated! Now What? (Part II-The Law)

Yesterday, I kicked out a short little article (Part I, the Politics) about the aftermath of President Donald Trump being totally exonerated by the Mueller Investigation. Here is Part II, the Law.


As I mentioned yesterday, there are folks allegedly on our side who want to kiss and make up. Some even calling for a “truce” with the leftists regarding political prosecutions. Of course, any sane adult understands that such a truce, only binds Republicans. The leftists, whenever they can sense opportunity, will always revert to type. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Senator Harry Reid and Judicial Nominees.

Yesterday, I spoke of responding on all fronts. I led off with the Political Front. That’s an easy one. We recognize that politics ain’t bean bag and that we should do as Trump does, respond in kind to Leftist attacks. For sure we don’t lay down like Presidents Romney or Jeb!

Today, we’ll discuss the Legal Front. As most of you have seen, once the full power and might of the Federal Government turns its gaze upon you, if you are like most private citizens, you have limited wherewithal to fight such an attack. Just look at what Lieutenant General Michael Flynn had to go through. A respected, highly decorated General Officer was eventually forced out of his home in order to pay over 5 Million in legal bills, defending himself from a political persecution that was lavishly funded and staffed by his fellow taxpayers—and he wasn’t the only victim. Imagine if it was YOU caught up in that mess.

The use of the unfettered power of the Federal government to imprison you for being on the wrong team has to stop. The use of the Government’s taxpayer provided and bottomless funding mechanism to harass citizens participating in the political process, is flat out wrong. The only way to make them stop, is to go after all of the conspirators involved in this charade on the American taxpayers and victims of political persecution.


What we don’t do, is misuse government power. We don’t investigate people, in order to discover a crime. We investigate the crimes of Conspiracy, Fraud, Misuse of Office and a host of other base felonies, figure out who committed them and then we prosecute those folks. And we don’t use “process crime” convictions not directly tied to substantive criminal convictions in order to hide shoddy police work.

Those investigations should easily result in the indictments of Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and a host of bottom feeders like Peter Stroek and Lisa Page. One page out of the Leftist book we should adopt—When we do make the inevitable arrests, they need to take place just as loudly, openly and notoriously as those perpetrated by the Mueller witch hunt. I’m talking frog marching them to the transport vehicle in full view of the cameras. I’m talking, changing them into orange jumpsuits for arraignment and publishing video and stills far and wide.

While all that is happening, we attack on another legal front. All the victims of the improper Muller charade and ancillary operations, should sue in civil court, each and every person involved. Take it to them for once. Make THEM feel the financial pinch as they have to make a decision to plead out, or face financial ruin.

Finally, we have nice quiet little conversations with folks like Pelosi, McDonnell, Schiff, Rubio and a host of others who seem to believe that they are ‘too big to jail.” We put them on notice. They either put a stop to this politicization of our institutions, or they will be next. As I’ve noted here and here, there isn’t a politician in DC who isn’t vulnerable to a little directed and focused “lawfare.” It’s time We the People took advantage of that.


You might have noticed that I have failed to mention the worst actors in this whole debacle, Bill, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Shameless tease here, Bill, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation constitute such a huge part of this story, they require a separate article just to do them justice. Stay tuned for Part III (The Clinton Foundation).

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

Follow him on Twitter: @MikeFor10394583

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