Trump Vindicated! Now What? (Part I)

Trump Poll Bounce

President Trump is vindicated. Now what?

Robert Mueller has released his report and surprising no one with an IQ above plant life, President Donald Trump was exonerated on both the “Collusion” accusation and the (non) accusation of Obstruction of Justice. Understandably, there’s been a bit of spiking the football and a lot of “I told you so,” from our side. That’s OK. This has been a long 2 years of having to sit there while our candidate and later President, was beat up day after day. We’ve even had to take some beatings alongside him. We were told to “let the process play out.” President Trump, who God bless him, has much more patience and fortitude than I, led by example in that regard.


So, today, we celebrate. But, tomorrow’s another day. What then? Well, if some folks have their way, we move forward and let bygones be bygones. Some even opine that Robert Mueller is a good guy and actually helped the United States discover and fix some weaknesses. in an article entitled, “The System Worked,” David French said just that.

The American people should be grateful for what happened next. Rosenstein chose the best available course of action, chose the right special counsel, and then — along with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and Attorney General William Barr — left Robert Mueller alone to do his job.

Thanks to his indictments, sentencing memoranda, and other documents, we gained a far more complete picture of the nature of Russian interference in the election, learned far more about actual and attempted contacts between Trump-campaign officials (and allies, such as Roger Stone) and Russians assets or operatives, and uncovered serious criminal wrongdoing by high-ranking members of Trump’s campaign team.

What a crock. I won’t go into detail answering that piece here, because my fellow Red Stater Streiff has already done that yeoman’s work. He correctly identifies Robert Mueller as one of the bad guys, not the Knight In Shining armor the leftists and RINOs purport him to be. You can see his effort here. I will at a later date however, address the collateral damage of the Mueller persecution.


So what’s next for America’s Team? Well for one thing, we don’t just forget about all this and carry on. We should all know by now, the Leftists don’t quit. They’ve already said they are going to continue the investigation. That’s fine. As I said here, this will only help Trump.

What we need to do, is now go on the offensive and on all fronts. Most of the political front can and will be ably handled by President Trump. I have it on good authority that his Twitter Machine has just been returned from Depot Level Maintenance and is fully operational. #“No Collusion. No Obstruction. MAGA.” His surrogates will help that message propagate far and wide. This is already happening as seen by his almost instantaneous rise in the polls.

The second part of the political equation is those members of his own party who are as CS Lewis described such, “men without chests,” Romney, Rubio et al. They need to be brought to heel ASAP.

The final piece of the political front, is messaging. Everyone needs to be involved in this, from President Trump and his surrogates, to us bottom feeders out here in flyover country. The message is simple: Look at what President Trump has accomplished while also fighting off a groundless and politically motivated investigation in which he was positively exonerated. So, John Q. Citizen, do you want the Leftists to continue bothering President Trump while he’s making America great again, or do want to leave him alone to get the job done?


That’s Part 1, the Politics. Stay tuned for Part II, the Law.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

Follow him on Twitter: @MikeFor10394583

You can find his other Red State work here.


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