First Gay President?

Is Donald J. Trump our first Gay President? Ok gang, please lock and clear all weapons. I’m not saying President Trump is homosexual. I’m just bringing up a liberal trope from our recent past and applying it to their current hypocrisy.


Bill Clinton was often (self) referred to as our, “First Black President,” for his alleged support of the Black Community. If today’s leftists had one ounce of honesty and integrity, they would be using a similar appellation regarding Donald Trump; the First Gay President, for his efforts, hugely fruitful efforts in support of the Gay Community. PJ media calls “Donald Trump, [the] Gay Rights Hero,” pointing out that in Trump’s America, Jussie Smollett had a better alternative than perpetrating a fake hate crime.

Jussie might have used his success in the opposite way: to show young black and gay kids that their group identities need not be barriers to achievement. That America, in the year 2019, is bigger and better than that. That playing the victim is a loser move that leads nowhere good. But that’s the old-fashioned approach. In the age of Trump, when the PC armies demand that you buy into the proposition that the orange-haired billionaire’s presence in the White House has unleashed a nationwide tsunami of violence against women, blacks, gays, transsexuals, disabled people, etc., etc., you’d better go along with that party line or else.

The article goes on to point out the irony (I prefer hypocrisy) of the leftists’ position, highlighting the Trump administration’s efforts to eradicate the often lethal persecution of homosexuals.

What’s supremely ironic here is that even as Jussie Smollett was selfishly exploiting – and encouraging – the corrosive notion that Trump’s America is a society awash in homophobia and racism, the Trump administration itself was preparing a concerted effort to fight anti-gay prejudice in those places around the world where it really exists on a lethal level. In 72 countries, being gay is illegal; in eight, it’s a capital offense.


Further down, the article shows that not only do the leftists ignore President Trump’s effort in this regard, they actually ascribe ill intent to them.

It’s bad enough that people who work in the gay-activism racket or for gay “community” institutions show so little interest in working for the rights of gays in non-Western countries. Even worse is that when word came out that the Trump administration was taking on that job, some of these people reacted with outrage.

Here’s the money quote.

In the U.S., of course, it’s the left – the Democrats – that has consistently used gays as pawns over the past decades; offhand, I can’t recall a major instance in which the right has done so. I also know that Trump publicly supported same-sex marriage long before any of the Obamas or Bushes or Clintons did. But let’s set all that aside for now.

Finally—and I’ve added in brackets other minority communities that the leftists have abused in this manner.

Such is the state of gay [Black/Latino/Female] activism in the Western world today. Even as the lockstep soldiers of the gay [Black/Latino/Female]-left establishment (which has never been about helping people, but about using gay [Black/Latino/Female]-rights rhetoric to win gay [Black/Latino/Female] support for Democratic politicians and “progressive” policies) keep promoting the transsexual [Black/Latino/Female]agenda and keep denying that Islam is an existential threat to gays [Black/Latino/Female], the president whom they’ve cast in the role of their #1 enemy is taking on Islamic regimes in an attempt to help gay [Black/Latino/Female]people around the world to whose plight that gay[Black/Latino/Female]-left establishment is indifferent. They call themselves gay activists; but Trump is the real gay[Black/Latino/Female]-rights hero – an objective fact that they’re obliged to deny in order to keep their tiny heads from exploding.


Given President Trump’s achievements, it’s not all that unreasonable that if we apply the Bill Clinton self determined standard, President Trump might indeed just be our first gay [Black/Latino/Female] President. He’s done more for those groups than the last four Presidents, combined—Republican or Democrat.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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