Malice Towards Trump; and YOU

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Hanlon’s razor states, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity,” (or ignorance). This is a good philosophy that I strive to apply most days. Sometimes however in the face of as Thomas Jefferson put it, “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” we should indeed call out malice for what it is.


Yesterday, my good friend and writing mentor, Streiff, penned an excellent article asking an important question: Why won’t the leftists come out and admit that President Trump was right all along about the human trafficking taking place along our southern border? Said trafficking is causing hundreds of women and children to be cast into sexual and other bondage, many ending up dead in our southern desert. Streiff’s explanation and analysis is as always, right on point. However, I think he may have let the leftists off the moral hook on this one when he writes,

The #Resistance, both left and NeverTrump, can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that people are actually brought into the United States unwillingly and sometimes they are physically restrained.

From where I sit, he appears to presume that these people, these same people who are supporting the legalization of post-birth infanticide, somehow just can’t see or understand that women and children are being forced into brutal and barbaric bondage, eerily reminiscent of the Democrat historical institution of slavery. And when these innocents are no longer profitable, they are left to die, or killed outright. There’s a huge difference between having differing opinions as to the cause of a particular set of facts and circumstances and the abject denial or refusal to admit their very existence.


My position for example, is that while leftist policies are exacerbating this human nightmare, I can still see how the leftists might debate that. I cannot believe however, that they cannot see the facts, circumstances and even the very existence of this tragedy. Streiff gets close to an explanation as to why, in his final paragraph (emphasis mine).

Their willingness to consign people to a life of slavery or prostitution rather than give the President credit for acting to stamp out this trade says a lot about the people making fun of his argument. Contrary to their claims of “principles” what they are actually afraid of is President Trump succeeding, and that would be the worst possible fate for them.<

If anything, my good friend has understated what’s going on here. I would go him several degrees further. This is clearly an exception to Hanlon. This can and should indeed be attributed to malice, malice driven by an unbridled lust for power and control over other human beings. Malice that subjugated any and all human morality in search of that power. Malice towards Trump supporters, fueled by a burning rage at Trump for defeating their “designated President.”

And along with malice, fear—fear that this usurper, this cad, this boorish buffoon, this not-in-our-club, Donald J. Trump has pulled back the curtain far enough, that the entire house of cards the leftists have built to keep their constituencies fooled, dependent and in check, is about to come tumbling down. The leftists are genuinely afraid that their grip on power, as well as their presumed position at the center of the universe, is slipping through their fingers, and it’s Trump’s fault—and ours too.


They won’t give up easily. Like any cornered rat, the leftists are going to bare their fangs and come out fighting. They’ve already done so in some bizarre ways. They have openly supported the post-birth infanticide of children, a far cry from Bill Clinton’s “safe, legal and rare” trope. In their rabid desire to deny any success to Donald Trump and his signature campaign promise, the leftists are not only denying needed funding and authority to build a border wall, but more than one member of their declared Presidential field is actually advocating the removal of barriers that are already in existence, while publicly advocating for open borders.

President Trump made them livid when he defeated Hillary Clinton and her inevitable ascension to the throne of power. As he has piled success on success, Trump has driven them truly insane. As President Trump makes undeniable progress on the wall, look for the press and the rest of the leftists to denigrate or minimize this achievement or outright deny it. That won’t work for them, which will of course, foster even more malicious behavior going forward. 2019-2020 is gonna be exciting. Buckle Up.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.


You can find his other Red State work here.

He is also (reluctantly) on Twitter: @MikeFor10394583


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