The Leftists Are Devouring Their Own; Break Out The Popcorn.

Since Donald J. Trump came down the stairway, the left, spearheaded by the radical feminists have thought that this was their moment. In Donald Trump, they believed they had the ideal Republican candidate to face off against Herself, while providing an ideal carpet for her to strut upon, as she waddled her way to her “inevitable” ascension to the throne, a chair which she has lusted after all of her life.


It must have driven them, as the pulchritudinous Penny in television’s, “Big Bang Theory” puts it, “Bat Crap Crazy,” that Trump was able to survive all of the slings and arrows they launched at him, some of them pretty pretty nasty, from his—let’s be candid, somewhat unseemly past. He was able to not only survive, but was able thrive and ultimately ascend to a lofty position, whereby he could appoint judges who could and would, put stop their leftist legal agenda.

That said, I’m sure most of us have seen the video montage, showing clips starting shortly after the beginning of his campaign, predicting his sure to be, fiery immolation—This, is the beginning of the end, for the Trump campaign. No; THIS, is the beginning of the end, for Donald Trump. OK, we really mean it this time—THIS, is really no-kiddin’, the beginning of the end, for Donald Trump—followed by stunned disbelief and hysterical sobbing, as the media was forced to, oh-so-reluctantly, call the election for him.

Side note: Like most folks, I do have my down days. But whenever I feel a little blue, I look at this picture of Her Steatopygiousness’s** supporters on election night, and I laugh and laugh…and laugh some more.

Supporters watch the election results during Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s election night rally in the Jacob Javits Center glass enclosed lobby in New York, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Second Side Note: When the election was “officially called,” I was on the damned-near-cliff, behind my house, in my boxers, and way more than a little into the scotch, launching fireworks in celebration, celebration that my beloved America had one again again dodged the bullet of tyranny.

Once Candidate Trump was declared President-Elect Trump and thence took the Oath of Office, becoming President Trump, these screeching harridans went into overdrive. They started with the “p***y hat march the day after his inauguration, repeating it each year thereafter. Note: The annual March for Life, which defends against government mandated infanticide, occurred around the same time; drew much larger crowds, but received less than a third of the press coverage. Go figure.

Once Trump took office, the leftists tried to target members of his administration and in the most publicly egregious instance, Trump Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavennah. The nation was treated to a media circus while one “victim” after another paraded in front of the cameras to tell stories that at best, couldn’t be corroborated and at worst, were shown to be absolute falsehoods.

Along their path to undermine Donald Trump however, the “Me Too” movement suddenly started claiming scalps that were at least on the surface, members of their own team. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood mogul and noted leftist, was indicted for doing pretty much the same thing as Slick Willy Clinton, using his position of power to purchase the charms of wannabe starlets; Kevin Spacey, indicted for having his way with underage boys. Up until recently however, no leftist politician of significance has been caught up in this.


Then came Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, a Democrat who I believed a likely replacement for Governor Ralph Northam, another Democrat who had been caught up in a scandal regarding a photo allegedly of him, in “blackface”. I was so sure of this, that I penned a conspiracy article positing that Fairfax was being groomed, first as a Democrat Governor of of a swing state trending blue and eventually a spot at the top of a future Democrat Presidential ticket.

Boy did I get that wrong. Since I wrote that piece, Fairfax has been “credibly” accused by two different women of assault, one of them claiming actual rape. How this plays out is anybody’s guess—and I sure ain’t gonna make THAT mistake again.

The important point here, is that although “Me Too,” clearly had as its priority, collecting Donald Trump’s scalp, the only ones they are collecting lately, are from leftists. Vice President Pence, If he was less of a Christian, would likely be giving the leftists who excoriated him for his no socializing with women without his wife policy, a rousing “Bronx cheer.”

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.


You can find his other Red State work here.

He is also (reluctantly) on Twitter: @MikeFor10394583

** A great word. Look it up. Use it early and often.



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