No Civil Discourse With Sociopaths

The Favored Prey of Democrats

Since the election of Donald Trump, both parties have been decrying the lack of civility in political discourse. Please allow me to translate. For the Democrats, that means that the Republicans (some of them anyhow) aren’t rolling/bending over and giving the Leftists everything they demand. For the Republicans, that means that some in their own party, especially President Trump, are saying and/or doing things that might cause the press not to like them and not invite them on all the right shows and to all the right parties.


At one time, there could exist some civil discourse in politics. We could disagree over the means to achieve the same aims. For example, we could cordially debate whether we should spend more Federal dollars on Ships for the Navy or Aircraft for the Air Force.

That isn’t where we are now, especially given recent events in New York and Virginia. The State of New York just passed a law allowing the murder of an infant in utero up until and including 30 seconds before birth. To celebrate this horrific legalization of infanticide, the Empire State Building was bathed in pink light. Even more nauseating was the hooting, cheering and applause in the gallery of the NY State Senate as the bill passed.

Later, the Governor of Virginia was on a talk show explaining the limits of a proposed bill much like New York’s. He essentially stated that a woman could give birth, and while hospital staff cared for a healthy newborn, the doctor and the mother could discuss whether or not to murder the child. Evidently his comments were too much for some folks, sparking a backlash leading the legislature to suspend consideration of their bill…at least until the furor dies down and they can pass it quietly, I suppose.


These people are flat out evil. They are sociopaths. Yes, I just wrote that; And, no; It’s not a civil thing to say. We need to stop worrying about civility and take it to these folks. We need to defeat them and defeat them soundly. It’s not hyperbole to accurately describe what these people are all about. They, through their party, advocate for the removal of God from anywhere in the public square, the forcible confiscation of property for the purpose of buying votes from their constituency, the importation of 3rd worlders who bring little or no benefit to America while competing with Americans and legal immigrants for College Seats, Jobs, and Public Assistance. Worst of all, their number one priority appears to be enshrining the murder and dismemberment of unborn children up to and in some cases after being born…alive.

A line from Winston Churchill regarding Hitler is a good description of today’s Democrat Party. I’ve taken the liberty of changing it just a bit.

This wicked man Hitler party, the Democrats, the repository and embodiment of many forms of soul-destroying hatred; This monstrous product of former wrongs and shame.


We need to fight these people with every constitutional means at our disposal. Civilly discourse with sociopaths? Hell No! We must fight them and defeat them.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Colonel who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

You can find his other Red State work here.


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