Water Cooler Monday 12/21 Open Thread Star Wars - Lindsey Graham Who? - Hillary Lies About Another Video - All Jihadists Are By Definition Muslim

Well if there is one thing this weekend confirmed in my heart is that I am not the only grown man who still loves a good light saber dual.  According to the New York times $517 million worldwide in ticket sales… It is a good time to be a nerd my friends.  Disney reportedly paid $4.06 Billion for this franchise… in hindsight they may just have ripped George Lucas off in a big way. NY Times Article, the numbers are staggering


[mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ] will no longer pursue the White House.  A story so bland anyone could write it.  In other just as shocking news I will no longer pursue the White House in 2016.  I checked with my Dentist he is also not considering a run.  Question is which candidates whom the average republican voter could not pick out of a line up will follow suit.  Pay attention John Kasich this means you.

MSNBC wants you to know that apparently not all Jihadists are Muslim.  Link to article… do not worry will not take you to MSNBC’s site.  They also want you to know that white men with guns are also a much larger concern to your health.  Thank you so much for this insight Mika Brzezinski.

She just can’t help herself.  I almost feel bad for this Grandma who just can not stop lying.  It is not her second language it is her first.  Problem is her lying is now becoming predictable.  Here is the pattern, back Hillary Clinton into a corner and she will… make up a fake narrative about a video.  Hugh Hewitt calls her out.


Happy Monday My Friends…



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