A Long Road Back

From the diaries.

Two years ago, I was a regular citizen, a physician serving the people of my community, and raising my family in Northern Michigan.  Suddenly, I found myself answering the call to become a citizen-legislator.  It occurred at a time when many of us recognized how seriously at risk our country was after the liberals had taken control of all three branches of government after the November ‘08 election.


Under the new administration, this nation was flooded with czars, executive orders, regulations, and then there was the Stimulus package.  I could no longer stand-by and watch our children’s future be mortgaged.  So, I sought and won the Republican primary and then went on to be chosen by the people of MI-01 to represent them in Congress.  Many others across the nation heeded the same call.

MI-01 sent me to Washington, entrusted with the mission of stopping out-of-control spending, stopping Congress from passing laws against the peoples’ will, stopping the over-regulation of our small businesses and stopping the intrusion of government into our personal lives.  In other words, reform Washington.

I’ve been in DC a little over a year and a half and I must tell you it has been an enormous challenge.  While many of us thought we could undo the damage overnight, the reality is starker.  The same goals were there, but without control of the Senate and presidency, we’ve had to use stopgap measures instead of immediately restoring the principles of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

The presidency of Barack Obama has brought this country further economic hardship and massive debt that poses an incredible risk to the overall economy.  The Democrats promised job creation, but we’ve had failure after failure of Stimulus-funded companies.  The enormous debt taken on by the U.S. government currently works out to over $48,000 for every man, woman and child in America.  Despite our efforts to stop the out-of-control spending and to initiate reforms, we’ve been blocked at almost every turn.


Currently the new healthcare law is before the Supreme Court.  I, as many others, hope and pray it is overturned – not only is it unconstitutional, it was passed against the peoples’ will.  We can reform healthcare with a patient centered system, tort reform and allowing portability of health insurance across state lines.

The current administration is regulating America to death.  Small business owners are defeated even before they can get started.  They can’t afford the costs of trying to comply with government regulations, and they can’t afford to gamble on uncertainty when it comes to what to expect from the government.  For businesses that have managed to survive the Obama economy, they can’t afford to hire new employees.  Businesses cannot stay solvent when weighted down by government regulations.

On May 1st, I launched my “100 in 100” tour.  I am visiting 100 small businesses in a 100 days across Michigan’s First District in order to speak directly to our entrepreneurs – we must hear their concerns and address them in Washington.  Our message to Washington hasn’t changed, neither have our goals.  In fact, the need is greater than ever to take a stand.

This remains my pledge and vow to the people of MI-1; I will continue to work to restore and defend the American Dream as it was meant to be, one where all have the opportunity for achievement.  Not one dependent on government, but on their own self-reliant and capable selves.  I will continue to work to end the political sense of entitlement in Washington that has brought weakness to America, not strength.


When we restore our core principles, our sense of optimism and our “can do” spirit will return.  We will have growing employment numbers, not growing unemployment numbers.  Once businesses are free to grow and hire, MI-01 will once again be master of her own destiny.

This November, we can do this.  We can do this with your support and belief in America.

To find out more about my campaign or to donate please visit Benishek2012.com

Thank you,

Rep. Dr. Dan Benishek



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