Make The Right Choice in MI-01

This past weekend, progressive liberal groups gathered in Washington for the “One Nation” rally. It was the Democrats’ response to Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor” rally held a month ago in DC. I watched both of them, and as I observed the supporters of the One Nation rally, their behavior and how they left the National Mall trashed, I realized what a clear choice America has this coming November.


The National Mall and surrounding monuments to great Americans and this nation’s honored war dead were left trashed. Yes, literally, and there are pictures proving the disregard and callous treatment of treasured American monuments. Seeing this made me realize that this is exactly how progressive Democrats and their Socialist/Communist supporters see America: They don’t see her. They don’t see her greatness, her beauty, her hand extended in friendship to all, and they are ignorant of, or completely dismissive of, her history. They do not value her leadership, her belief in liberty and freedom for the individual. Everything is about power and control, and the taking away of the freedom of the individual. Since the Democrats took over Congress in January 2007, our economic well-being has deteriorated. Once President Obama was elected, the pace accelerated for the Socialist agenda. Though the Democrats say they are not socialists, they are certainly in line with the socialist platform, the laws they have enacted and their goals are about government control, not individual freedom.

Now, more about that rally and who supported them. I’ve noted Progressive/Socialist/Communist groups that proudly marched with their signs and slogans, including, ASFSCME, Apollo Foundation, The Communist Party USA, SEIU, and the American Federation of Teachers. Three out the five aforementioned groups support my opponent, Gary McDowell, and have contributed to his campaign. The Democrats are enacting their agenda. These very people who showed disrespect for the values and traditions that made America great, are the same ones who support Obama, Pelosi and Reid, and seek to transform America. They stood there on the National Mall and denounced what is dear to us, they believe in redistributing your hard-earned wealth, they believe in taking away your choices, whether in education, health care, or even your First and Second Amendment rights. Everything, to the progressive, is about control in the hands of a few over the many.


Now about choices: There is a choice….an important choice Nov. 2nd. My opponent, Gary McDowell, is part of the same system and seeking the same agenda as Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Please do not let him fool you. Many Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the already-damaging legislation that has been passed by the Democrats in the 111th Congress – legislation that has indebted the nation, weakened her economic strength, increased joblessness, and which continues to weigh us down in a recession. Nothing was reformed, but taxpayer monies were spent to pay back the special interest groups of the labor unions and Wall Street. Regular Americans are left carrying the burden of the Democrats’ failed policies. We will continue to carry that burden unless different choices are made in November.

Your vote at the ballot box is a choice between continuing to support a Socialist/Entitlement agenda being implemented by the current Democratic party, or a vote for freedom and liberty and adhering to the Constitution – the Constitution which the Founding Fathers left for us in order that we would have freedom. In recent months, citizen activists, including me, have stood up across this land to retake and restore our nation to you, the people. We seek independence, not dependence on government.

My vow to you, the people of MI-01 is that a vote for me is a vote for the Constitution, traditional America and respect and reverence for what she represents. If you believe in a free America, make the right choice in November.


I know a lot of you have already done so but please sign up for campaign news at my website or volunteer. And if you can afford it–I know times are tough–please give to my campaign.

Thank you,

Dan Benishek


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