The Consequences of Bart Stupak's Betrayal

We knew this would happen. We could see it coming. Yet we were unable to stop it–the Blue Dog Democrat betrayal of the unborn. Bart Stupak was the leader of a coalition that promised the people they would hold firm and stand for the unborn. Unfortunately, we know how that played out. Stupak and his coalition betrayed the people who had placed their trust in them. The result: A HC bill passed and was signed by President Obama that did not protect the unborn.


Yesterday, we learned from that Pennsylvania will be the first state to receive federal funds, which their Medicaid program will be able to use for any abortion legal in Pennsylvania. The Democrats will be denying it, saying elective abortions are not covered nor allowed, but the definition of elective will be parsed so many ways and the result will be the same. Federal dollars will pay for abortions.

Tabitha Hale, here at RedState, wrote about this travesty as well. We are in agreement. Seemingly there are no pro-life Democrats in Washington. Bart Stupak spent 18 yrs. in Congress getting re-elected by the people of MI-01 for his pro-life stance on all legislation. Yet, when he and his coalition voted, it enabled the HC bill to pass without the all-important amendment to protect the unborn. He sold out his constituents, the nation, and most importantly, the unborn. Shortly after his infamous vote, Mr. Stupak decided against running for office again and will retire.

Long before his announcement, I had decided to come out of semi-retirement and stand up for the people of Michigan and MI-01. At the time, Bart Stupak represented the typical career politician – folks we elect, go to Washington, and then forget their campaign promises. Career politicians from both parties are guilty of this. In MI-01, the people, who are adamantly pro-life, were betrayed by a man in whom they had placed great trust. We have witnessed how they became entrenched politicians and supported their party over people and principles.


Jason Allen is another entrenched politician serving in our state Senate. Now he wants to go to DC. One of many problems is his connection to the unions, specifically SEIU, and though he denies being supportive of them, he has been friendly to their interests for many years. It’s not hard to see how a career politician with a record of catering to special interests in Lansing will become a career politician catering to special interests in Washington.

I have promised the people of this district to serve a maximum of six years. I want to help get us on our feet again. As a physician, I never thought that I’d have to go into politics to save people in a different way than I have all my professional life. Yet, that is what I find myself seeking to do now. The Democrats are anathema to all that we the people have worked for all our lives. Debt will follow our children and grandchildren. The Democrats used their power to abuse the people’s trust: outrageous deficit spending, stimulus bills that paid off supporters, and a health care bill that was passed against the people’s will. Today, in Pennsylvania, we see the consequences of Bart Stupak’s betrayal. We have to send people to Washington who will not betray the peoples’ trust.

Recently, I introduced the 4 R’s: Read It, Reduce It, Repeal It and Reform It. I said Repeal It (the health care bill) was one of my highest priorities. My message remains the same to Washington and in unison with all of you: “Enough is Enough,” and not only will I take that message to Washington, but I won’t forget it.


The latest polls have us at 20.7 percent, and State Senator Jason Allen at 19.3 percent with 19 days to go… I still need your help to get my message out. Together, we are the grassroots movement for conservatism and taking back our government.


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