You've Got to Be Kidding, Mr. President

I am addressing this post to my fellow citizens of MI-01, fellow activists across the country, and especially to Congressional Democrats and candidates currently serving in Congress.


The word is out; Mike Allen at had the story yesterday. This administration is going to push the Senate to pass a cap-and-trade bill this summer. Then, with the same arrogance we have seen before from this administration, they are planning on passing a final bill during the lame-duck session of Congress that follows November’s elections—elections where the people will have spoken and expressed their will regarding the type of government they want, elections that will show incumbents that the people will no longer accept irresponsible government. The writing is on the wall for incumbents from both parties: either listen to the people and only pass legislation with their consent, or suffer the consequences in November.

This president is going to try to use the lame-duck session to achieve his agenda–transformation of America into a big government juggernaut, in charge of every aspect of our lives. Passage of the cap-and-trade bill will be a blight and burden on this country. Instead of seeing economic recovery, we will sink into the morass that is Europe. Extreme green energy and climate change agendas can bankrupt nations. America does not want to go down this road; this a freight train that must be stopped.

We have to stop this administration from going forward with this plan and continuing its record of passing legislation against the will of the people through behind-closed-door tactics and political wheeling and dealing. Now is the time for everyone to stand up and say again, “Enough is Enough!”


I am setting up a Web site with a petition drive for all concerned Americans to urge the Democratic candidates to sign a pledge that says they will stand with you, the people, and not pass this cap-and-trade legislation in such an underhanded manner. This will be their opportunity to show the American people that they are truly on the side of the people, and not against them. If they do not sign this pledge and continue to pass bills against our will, then we must make it clear that the newly elected Congressional Activists who take office in January will work to repeal or refuse to fund these harmful economic monstrosities. We must do it with the health care bill, and if we have to we will do it with cap and trade. It is about time Washington understood that our activism is not going to stop. November will only be the beginning….

Join me and sign the petition at Express your concern as Americans and activists. Our government should be responsible and accountable, not arrogant and dismissive. Let’s take it back.

I remain your fellow activist, who would like to serve the people of Michigan’s 1st District as their Congressional Representative. I will be an activist Congressman, standing with this district and our great country, in espousing; “Enough is Enough!”


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