Ohio ObamaCare Vote is a Perfect Illustration of Pelosi’s Radically Out-of-Touch Mental State

From the diaries by Erick

So, this morning, were the lead stories on television that Nancy Pelosi, whose belittling and famous “Are you serious? Are you serious?” response to being asked about the challenge to the ObamaCare individual mandate, was the perfect illustration of her radical and out-of-touch mental state — and that she is as out of touch as former President Bush was when he expressed amazement at grocery store price scanners?


Uh, no. (The media’s obsession with the Penn State sex scandal can be explained by the fact they think it will hurt Herman Cain.)

Meanwhile, the voters in the ultimate Presidential election swing state just handed the repeal ObamaCare team a massive victory right before the Supremes take up the case, and if it made the news, it was way down the list.

It is so clear that the media are following Obama’s lead (shocking, I know) to simply not talk about ObamaCare.

The mainstream media, who were the handmaidens of the passage of ObamaCare — which turns out is the political equivalent of forcing the Dems to drink Jonestown Kool-Aid — now want to ignore the political results of their incessant, constant, nauseating ObamaCare cheer-leading.


When, oh when, will the Dems finally attempt to negotiate an end to the non-stop political pain and suffering being inflicted on them by ObamaCare?

Never. After all “the One” still insists that ObamaCare was the right thing to do — and the cowardly Dems are too scared or too blinded by their statist ideology to even understand that standing up and repealing or gutting ObamaCare is their only alternative to the constant and never-ending grinding down of their public support.


Can they really still think that ObamaCare will get more popular now that it has passed when just the opposite has happened?

They are falsely persuaded by radically out-of-touch leaders and staff, whose reaction to this analysis is “Are you serious? Are your serious?”

In short, they are truly delusional on health care politics. They refuse, still, to accept reality — just like their leader, Nancy Pelosi.

The Dems are too blinded by their robotic and slavish kowtowing to Pelosi and “the One” to ever understand that they need to untie the millstone that is around their neck.

Maybe, after 26 states pass the Ohio ballot initiative, the Dems will understand.

Don’t count on it. Twenty-six states are suing the Feds over ObamaCare and the Dems refuse to budge.

After all, the media refuse to report it, so the Dems don’t even understand what is happening to them.

I used to worry that the Dems would actually listen to posts like this, giving them a road map to end their ObamaCare pain, and comfort myself that the country would be better off, even if the Dems would be too, without ObamaCare.

No worries though, the Dems never, ever listen. Not to Charlie Cook, Stanley Greenberg or even to Howard Fineman who now describes ObamaCare as “the One’s” biggest political mistake.


The Dems arrogance, pride and ideological hidebound mental state on health care will always get in the way of basic common sense, even their own political survival.

They are addicted to their own self-destructive ObamaCare political behavior.

After all, these are the same people who made Pelosi their leader — after ObamaCare passed and 83 Republican Freshmen were elected.


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