Post Labor Day Political Analysis: The Arrogance of “the One” has Caused Him to become Undone

As Perry solidified his lead for the GOP nomination, the opposite has happened to “the One,” who, in short, has become obviously and glaringly undone — in a way that has been so dramatic that even the main stream media cannot ignore it, downplay it or talk around it.


Basically, if there is a credible pollster, Obama has hit that pollster’s all time low, including Gallup, Quinnipiac, CNN, and the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Perry leads the GOP field by double digits in the following polls: NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Gallup, Quinnipiac and CNN.

The fact that the mainstream media (MSM) has begun reporting that “the One” is in real trouble, is directly related to the fact that Governor Perry began to focus their blindingly bias ways on the fact that there is an alternative the MSM could not paint as a idiot or a nutcase (although they tried).

Even Maureen Dowd, in this Sunday’s NYT, mockingly wrote: “The One is dancing on the edge of one term.”

This leads us to the second key point: finally, the MSM is saying what you have been reading here for years: “the One’s” biggest political mistake was ObamaCare. Shocking, but Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post and David Ignatius of the Washington Post both said this over the weekend. Chris Matthews, interviewing Fineman, responded “Wow. Smart statement.”

It is exactly like cats barking.

Too bad these mainstream media leaders came to this decision too late, much, much too late.


And it points to the fundamental arrogance of liberals. They never listen, at least to Americans with legitimate concern’s about “the One’s” policies — so much so that their failure to listen on any number of points may cost ObamaCare its life in the Supreme Court.

But the MSM love to listen and fawn and bow down to “the One.”

“The One” says he is a better political director than his political director, and the liberal mainstream media believe him.

But Americans are no longer believing in “the One.” They no longer believe the economic disaster is President Bush’s fault.

The Trillion dollar President — who spends a trillion on ObamaCare and a trillion in a failed stimulus that just stimulated more government jobs — and urged the Federal Reserve to print, print, and print some more, now finds that his arrogance about his policies is misplaced.

Obvious since the last election, “the One’s” signature policies are both political and policy failures.

That is really hard to pull off, if you are the sitting President.

Political FAIL: “the One’s” policies lost the Dems control of the U.S. House and brought a record 83 GOP freshmen to Congress, not to mention ObamaCare or his total FAIL on the economy.


The fact that the left has taken this long to realize the King has no clothes is beyond idiotic — they are biased, stupid, arrogant people who refuse to listen — and now, when they can no longer keep up the fiction that the King has any clothes, they state the obvious, and their pals call them smart for calling ObamaCare a political blunder. Really?

On energy, the half a billion dollars dumped into the so-called green job super star, Solyndra, is another example of the arrogance and total stupidity of the White House, and “the One” in particular.

Americans have never believed that government will save them, and after going four trillion dollars in debt with no visible improvement in the economy (unless you work for the Federal government as a bureaucrat) clearly show the arrogance of the left, and “the One”.

But, wait, Governor Perry is leading the real change that is coming.


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