Former President Clinton: the Supremes could Smoke ObamaCare

From the diaries by Erick

Note to the universe: do you really think the Supreme Court will act like there is a severability clause in ObamaCare, when one does not exist?


It’s not like the Supremes spend their dawns poring over statutes, line by line, or anything at all like that.

So, President Clinton thought he might mention it.

And now TIME magazine is reporting it.

I predict the Supremes will declare ObamaCare null and void.

After that, some time prior to the 2012 elections, The One and the Dems will wail and nash their teeth, while their political advisers pop champagne and get drunk like they just dodged a bullet with their name on it.

Just for good measure, the rational Dems will lock their health care maniacs in a room and treat them like Dr. Jekyll — you know, restrained so they will not injure themselves or others, since they cannot be trusted anywhere near the health care issue.

The Dems will, further, then rip the heads off any idiots in their own party who wants to reform health care — except for the single-payeristas, who will be viewed and used as both useful and harmless idiots.

The single-payeristas will then go on a decades long, failure-ridden quest to take over the U.S. health care system, yelling, mostly, we told you so.


The Dems, meanwhile, will have lost the U.S. House of Representatives and thinned their ranks in the U.S. Senate so substantially twice — once under Clinton and once under The One — that they will actually receive and understand the following message: reforming health care (passing a law) is an act of political suicide, unless it is done with the Republicans.

The Dems will understand, finally, that this is the only health care reform that does not have devastating and self-destructive political consequences.

Oh, and the top Dems that get locked in the Dr.-Jekyll-health-care-crazy-room, with their own troops being issued shoot-to-kill orders if they leave: The One, Senator Reid, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Representative Henry Waxman and Representative George Miller.



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