Stephanopoulos Agrees with Barney Frank: If Scott Brown Wins, Health Care Dies

Via Newsbusters, this is what the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Dem-only, cram-down health care strategy has wrought:

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know, there’s only one realistic option, and it’s a longshot. The idea that Democrats in the White House and Capitol Hill are working on right now is to convince enough House Democrats to simply pass the bill that passed the Senate, which is not exactly like the House bill — there are differences in abortion, there are differences in the way that taxation happens — but the argument to those Democrats will be, to the progressives: “It’s never going to get any better than this;” and to the conservatives and moderates who’ve already taken the tough vote, that they’re going to have the worst of both worlds if they get nothing for it.

But, Diane, that is a very long shot. I think most Democrats right now would agree with Congressman Barney Frank, a loyal supporter of the President, who said that health reform in this form is likely dead if Coakley loses.


Stephanopoulos is way outside the Dem perimeter on this one: “a long shot…a very long shot.”

And both George Stephanopoulos and Rep. Barney Frank are exactly correct — the Senate bill will not pass the House, even if it means nothing will pass — at least in this Congress. The Dems need to get to work on something other than health care — really, really need to — they are getting shredded by health care.

But Speaker Pelosi is still in cram-down, Dem-only mode.

And she is looking very un-Pelosi-like in this video where she orders the Light Brigade to keep charging — or is it the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade to keep drinking? (h/t sharonmcp).



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