The Political Elite Collectively Hold their Breath Until Tuesday Night

When the lead paragraph in a story in the Boston Globe — owned by the New York Times — from a story titled “Obama here for Coakley, trailing a diminished aura,” reads:


“The feverish excitement that propelled Barack Obama and scores of other Democrats to victory in 2008 has all but evaporated, worrying party leaders who are struggling to invigorate the base before Tuesday’s Massachusetts Senate race and November’s critical midterm contests, pollsters and party activists said [emphasis added].”

even the hard-core Obama-lapdogs in the media can’t purposefully ignore the fact the public hates ObamaCare, or its negative political impact on the Democrats.

And President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and walking-dead-man-Reid are to blame.

Their cram-down is not working. The Dem-go-it-alone-on-health-care-strategy is not working.

The ignore-actually-actively-refuse-to-listen-to-the-public and keep pushing the political loser ObamaCare no-matter-what-and-no-matter-the-cost, is not working.

Speaker Pelosi was rumored to have said she would lose 30 seats to get health care passed (she will lose at least that many) but hey, she also said she would do “almost anything” to pass health care.

The only thing the Dems are teaching the public writ-large by the constant health care cram-down — is that if you want Washington to listen, vote us out of office.

And the public will — they will return the cram-down strategy right back at the Dems — see every poll known to man on the independent voter.


The Dems say — constantly — we want work on jobs and the economy and the deficit but all they ever do is work on health care, which raised taxes, raises the deficit and spends $2.5 Trillion.

The pathetic thing about watching the Democrats is that even people like Rep. Pomeroy who saw this coming, caved and voted for the plan, even when he knew better, and now all he can do is whine about it.

He could have done the right thing in the first place and voted NO on the House floor and saved his colleagues from what he knew was coming — which President Obama and Speaker Pelosi have visited onto him and his colleagues in Congress. But he wimped out. So did all the other Dems who knew better. Now the price is being paid for being a coward. And just for the record, include Sen. Ben Nelson too — how did that pizza taste? Oh, I see, you didn’t get any. Hmmm.

The Members of the Democratic caucus had a shot at preventing this, but they did not. The Waxmans’ and the Rangels’ of the Dem world knew best — they refused to change their health care bill, or do it in a bi-partisan manner — and the Dems who knew better would not do what it took to stop them.

It is too now late to change the bill to make it palatable. Like Senator Dodd found out, and all those Democratic Senators and Representatives now retiring, it is too late to fix what has gone predictably wrong. They have squandered their chance at health care reform. The public, the independents are at a hard NO — don’t do anything.


It is time for the Dems to walk away from their toxic health plan and its politics of self-destruction.

But their leaders will not listen, and unless there is a Dem leader who will force defeat on their own leadership to save themselves and their colleagues — the Dem ObamaCare politics of burn-my-own-house-down will continue.

Hey, anyone gotta a match?

P.S. The really great thing about the Speaker’s and the President’s tin-ear on health care is that they just keep losing more and more everyday, and damaging themselves, their Congress and their party each time they say they are close to a deal. And, amazingly, they go about their business as if everything is a-ok and the latest “deal” (buy off of Senator or Representative or union group X) is the greatest news EVER. Really?

As if there is not 10% unemployment, as if the economy is great and as if people are not hurting and as if the number one concern of the public is not the debt and deficit — but the one thing the Dem elite are truly happy about, is cramming health care down America’s throats.

So, the public rightly concludes Obama-Pelosi-Reid don’t get it, and the public’s reaction becomes more and more resolved to throw them out of office at the soonest possible moment. All because of their irrational and delusional belief that their Dem-only health care reform is good politics and good policy.


Let me tell you a story — once upon a time, in 1994 there was a woman named Hillary…

P.P.S. As desperation and angst sets in among the Dems, AP is reporting the Desperate Dems are pushing Pelosi to pass the Senate bill in the House — but what about your special deal for the unions? Speaker Pelosi, among the most responsible for the political nightmare the Dems are now living, says it won’t pass the House. Oh, and they can’t have a conference because DeMint got McConnell to object to it. Hmmmmm.

P.P.P.S. The second most accurate polling company in the recent off year elections — Public Policy Polling (that is they were the second closest to predict the actual results — SurveyUSA was the most accurate) is reporting that its weekend poll in Massachusetts is showing Scott Brown up 5 points. Here is a great graph of Brown’s rise.


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