Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Responded To Donald Trump and It Was PERFECT

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is one of the best new Senators elected in 2014, and we at RedState were proud to support him in the primaries. After keeping a low profile his first few months in the Senate, the 43 year old freshman has gradually been building a higher profile as a conservative reformer, and has recently started grilling Donald Trump on Twitter. Today, Trump fired back – and Sasse responded in kind, giving The Donald a taste of his own medicine.


Sasse started bearing down on Trump on Sunday, beginning by noting – as many elected Republicans have – that Trump has indeed raised some important issues and questions in this campaign. But Sasse has far more serious questions on his mind about Trump as a potential Leader of the Free World.



As you can see, some of these questions were serious policy issues, some were questions of personal character, but all were serious matters a presidential candidate should be ready to address. Getting no response, Sasse upped the ante two days later after Trump bailed on the debate in Iowa, which neighbors Sasse’s state


Trump, being Trump, responded to one of the brightest and most serious, practical yet idealistic men in the United States Senate with playground insults:

Sasse took those in stride


And then Sasse went in with the heavy artillery:

If you don’t get the reference, you can read this Sonny Bunch post at the Washington Free Beacon about how hypersensitive Trump is about having short fingers. Petty as Sasse’s target is, it hits Trump where his fragile ego is weak, which is the point; George Washington would not have been so sensitive about such a minor vanity.

If all this leaves you feeling dismal about our democracy, I offer as a palate cleanser Sasse’s serious and thoughtful inaugural speech in the Senate, and an Atlantic profile of him and his ideas:


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