Club for Growth Goes In For Angle, Hits Lowden

With Danny Tarkanian apparently fading, the June 8 Nevada Senate primary race to face Harry Reid is going to come down to conservative Sharron Angle against moderate, establishment candidate Sue Lowden. Lowden has already kicked up a fuss with the observation that in the days before health insurance, people who lacked money for care – at least in rural areas and small towns – would do things like offer services such as house-painting or barter of livestock to pay for medical care. Lowden’s point was entirely historically accurate – a fact lost on urban, coastal-based left-wing bloggers – and was part of a larger argument about how we pay for health care in this country, but she doubled down on it as the Democrats (desperate to salvage Reid) have pounded her on “chickens for checkups” to the point where Nevada officials have had to ban voters from wearing chicken costumes to the voting booth.


If nothing else, the chicken story has given Nevada Republicans reason to ask, ahead of the primary, whether there’s an alternative to Lowden’s electability argument, and now the Club for Growth is hitting the airwaves with an ad backing Angle as the real fiscal conservative in the race and ripping Lowden for her prior support of Reid and her record on taxes:


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