Scott Brown Goes To 11

Too good to check: Jim Geraghty hears that Scott Brown’s campaign has internal polls showing him up 11 points:

I’m getting the sense that the folks hearing this are almost a little incredulous, but it seems every demographic and key group is breaking to Brown in the past day or two.


Geraghty also notes conflicting reports that Martha Coakley‘s internal polls show her either even or 3 points back.

At this point, it’s hard to know what to make of any of the polls, given the unique situation of a special election in January; nobody should be counting chickens for a Republican in Massachusetts, ever. But this can’t be bad news. Now, it will be up to President Obama’s visit on the Sunday of a 3-day holiday weekend to save Martha Coakley’s bacon. If she loses decisively, it may be the last invitation he gets this year.


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