New Audio: In 2004 Obama Advocated "Trading" Border Security for Amnesty

Who’s telling the truth, Jon Kyl or Barack Obama?

Following up on Jon Kyl’s remarks, which I broke here at RedState this weekend, (that President Obama told him in a private, one-on-one meeting, in the Oval Office, that he would not secure the border because if he were to do so then “you all” would have no reason to support “comprehensive immigration reform”) and what Sen. John McCain said on the floor of the Senate today (that a few weeks ago President Obama told all 41 Republican Senators the same thing he told Sen. Kyl in the Oval Office) (hat tip to Cubachi’s blog), we learn today from Naked Emperor News (hat tip to Redstate’s Caleb Howe) that an audio tape exists from September, 2004 on which can be heard Barack Obama explaining that his strategy for solving the illegal alien immigration problem requires that “the trade off is going to have to be improved border security.”


Video below the fold. (Hat tip to Naked Emperor News!)

So, who do you think has been telling the truth?

Candidate Obama, back in 2004, and Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain?

Or President Obama in the last few weeks?

I think it is safe to say now who’s been telling the truth.

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