Don’t Throw More Money at USPS - Fix Problems Instead

They say insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, but it appears nobody told that to Congress or the folks running the United States Postal Service. The USPS has been running for years under a business model that’s simply unsustainable. Time and time again, the agency’s mismanagement has led USPS to the brink of bankruptcy, yet Congress continues to “solve” the issue by throwing more money at the Postal Service without addressing the actual root of the problem.


Recently, Congress decided to consider a new postal reform bill that, on paper, is supposed to address USPS’s structural issues. Predictably, the new Postal Reform Act neither fixes those deficiencies nor makes life any easier for taxpayers. What it does do is provide USPS with additional unnecessary subsidies for its competitive package business and mail delivery.

Let’s step back and consider what taxpayers are being asked to support in this latest effort to remedy USPS. We have an organization with billions of dollars in cash on hand that isn’t required to pay any taxes to the government.

Considering the Postal Service’s massive war chest and tax-exempt status, USPS should be able to efficiently serve its customers and keep up with the changing business landscape. Instead, it’s been unable to match its deliveries to our country’s rapidly growing population.

Just last year, during the busy holiday season, USPS suffered more than $1.5 billion in losses despite making 2 billion deliveries. The financial situation has deteriorated to the point that since 2009, USPS has been categorized as a high-risk organization by the Government Accountability Office.

Let that sink in. USPS has been “high risk” for 13 years, and Congress still expects American taxpayers to prop it up despite its existing, insolvent business model. Congress simply can’t pass the Postal Reform Act as it’s currently written.

We need our lawmakers to amend this new legislation to include some decent, common sense language that guarantees our hard-earned money isn’t funneled into USPS’ clearly failing business model. Reform does not mean subsidies for the sake of subsidies.


Reform means finding and fixing the systemic issues inside USPS and bringing the organization up to pace with consumer needs in an age when so much commerce is conducted through rapid shipping. For years now, American consumer habits have changed, and decades-old business plans just aren’t relevant today.

Private package carriers have changed with the times and their successes are plain to see. There’s nothing preventing the Postal Service from doing likewise. The only thing standing in the way at the moment are lawmakers.

Legislators in Washington have the chance to really reform USPS instead of pouring additional taxpayer dollars into a system we know just doesn’t work. There are common sense fixes that would reform and modernize the Postal Service, but those solutions just haven’t been added to the Postal Reform Act. Right now, our elected leaders need to vote “No” on this bill.


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