Democrats Support Foreign Intervention in Our Elections

As we enter a brand new year, old and tired allegations from Democrats accusing the President of “soliciting foreign intervention” into our elections unfortunately continue.

The Democrats’ obsession has now culminated into two highly partisan articles of impeachment against the President; articles of impeachment that – so far – Speaker Pelosi has refused to send over to the Senate for trial.

Of course, the first allegations surfaced when Donald Trump was candidate Trump. In July of 2016, the FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation called “Crossfire Hurricane” into possible links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.

After two years and nearly $32 million dollars, Special Counsel Mueller concluded:

The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

In order to throw disappointed Democrats a conciliatory bone, Mueller did come to this muddled conclusion when it came to Russian collusion:

We did not address ‘collusion,’ which is not a legal term. Rather, we focused on whether the evidence was sufficient to charge any member of the campaign with taking part in a criminal conspiracy. It was not.

Now fast forward to 2019, and, as the late Yogi Berra would say, “It’s Deja Vu all over again!” Ukraine is the latest country President Trump is accused of conspiring with to help him win an election:

[T]he impeachment inquiry has found that President Trump, personally and acting through agents within and outside of the U.S. government, solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, to benefit his reelection.”

Although the Mueller Report specifically stated there was no proof of Russian interference or collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russia, it didn’t stop Democrats from suggesting that in their impeachment inquiry final report.

We were struck by the fact that the President’s misconduct was not an isolated occurrence, nor was it the product of a naïve president. Instead, the efforts to involve Ukraine in our 2020 presidential election were undertaken by a President who himself was elected in 2016 with the benefit of an unprecedented and sweeping campaign of election interference undertaken by Russia in his favor, and which the President welcomed and utilized.

One of the many, many pet peeves I have regarding the Democrat Party is their blatant hypocrisy. Specifically their current incessant cries of foreign intervention in our elections – while they, in fact, are directly advocating for foreign intervention in our elections when it benefits them. What do I mean?

Legislation has been introduced by Democrat lawmakers to allow non-citizens to vote in California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Texas.

It’s being considered locally in cities such as Boston, Burlington, New York City, Portland, Maine, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

When I say non-citizens, I am not talking about people who are in this country illegally. I am referring to people who have green cards and legal status but are not yet citizens.

There is a growing nationwide movement to allow these people to vote legally in some local elections like school board and municipal elections

The rationale for such sheer madness is this. Since these folks live in these communities and pay taxes, they should have a say in their local government. There is only one problem with that. These folks are CITIZENS OF ANOTHER COUNTRY!

Americans for Citizen Voting, a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization I am honored to lead, was formed in response to these efforts to extend voting privileges to non-citizens.

In September, ACV released a Remington Research poll – one of the few national polling companies to actually predict a Donald Trump victory.

The poll showed Americans from across all demographic groups support amending the federal and their state constitutions to state only U.S. Citizens can vote in our elections.

In the poll, 75% of Respondents say only U.S. Citizens should vote, while 17% say non-citizens should have a vote. At the state level, 72% support amending their state constitutions to clarify that only citizens can legally vote, while only 16% oppose these amendments.

Solid majorities of Whites (75%), African Americans (68%) and Hispanics (52%) support clarifying in the highest law that legal voters must be U.S. Citizens.

When asked by party affiliation, 85% of Republicans, 62% of Democrats and 57% of non-partisans oppose non-citizen voting.

ACV board member and Hispanic immigration attorney Jalesia McQueen summed this issue up rather succinctly:

“Voting is a right and a privilege in this country reserved for U.S. citizens. If immigrants want to vote then there is a process for them to become citizens.”

I couldn’t have said or written it any better.