Christine O'Donnell: Why I'm running for U.S. Senate

Our nation’s founding principles of individual liberty and free enterprise are no longer viewed by our leaders as indispensable. We must stand up to the Washington elites and fight back against a Congress and White House intent on saddling us with their reckless spending, unbearable taxes and unfair policies that stifle our freedom and weigh down future generations with enormous debt.


Our country is going broke. Voters deserve candidates who believe deficits are wrong, and that deficits destroy nations just as surely as they do families. Spending money America does not have has become an appealing option for too many politicians and common sense men and women of America know this is not sustainable.

My opponent in the Delaware Senate primary is incumbent Congressman Mike Castle, who has served in Congress for the past 18 years and first won elected office in 1966.

* I will support common sense legislation that does not cost us jobs and raise family’s utility billsmy opponent voted for Cap and Trade.
* I will support the earmark ban, responsible entitlement reforms, and a balanced budgetmy opponent voted against balanced budget legislation.
* I will support policies that provide economic growth not dependent on hand outs from the federal governmentmy opponent voted for TARP.

These are just some of the recent highlights of a career on Capitol Hill that has witnessed a regular helping hand as our nation’s debt went from $4.1 trillion to over $13 trillion during his tenure in Congress. Organizations such as the National Rifle Association, Family Research Council, and National Taxpayers Union have been raising concerns for years through their voting scorecards. As Republicans we should once again fight for less government, lower taxes, and reduced spending. Our Members of Congress should stand for the values of the party of Lincoln and Reagan beyond just having an “R” next to their name for 18 years.


Delaware voters deserve new representation from someone who understands government cannot spend our way to recovery and cannot tax us into prosperity. I hope to be their voice in Senate.

Christine O’Donnell
Candidate for U.S. Senate


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