Elections 101: Don't Use Same Address as a Registered Sex Offender's

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I’m not an expert on how to run electoral campaigns, however, in some areas, it is simply common sense to take prudent measures before announcing to run for any public office. I’m afraid in this case, common sense has left a political candidate’s brain when he announced his candidacy for a local public office. Like putting down a home address that is same as a registered sex offender’s.

Chris Haulmark, a Democrat, is running for a Kansas State House seat in District 15. He ran unopposed and won the primary election last Tuesday. He is going up against a Republican, John Toplikar, who also ran unopposed. Erin Davis, a Republican currently holding the seat, announced few months ago that she would not run for re-election due to her role in Cerner Corp. as a paid lobbyist while in legislature, which is a big no-no according to Kansas law.

Haulmark previously campaigned for a congressional seat in 3rd District but switched in March to run for the state seat.

When Haulmark filed for candidacy in District 15, he put down his home address, which can be seen here.

Nothing unusual here, right? After all, it’s his home address!  Except for one tiny problem. Would you be comfortable living with a registered sex offender? Moreover, would you be comfortable running for a local public office knowing that a registered sex offender is living at the same address as yours? Is that someone would call a smart move on Haulmark’s part?

I think not.

Here’s the proof of a registered sex offender living at the same home address.

He was charged with a felony for exposing his genitals to a 13 years old girl in 2012. He is required to register four times a year for 15 years. He has to register in his birthday month, third, sixth, and ninth months. The last time he updated his registration was in June, his birthday month. It’s not an old address, and if it’s not his current address, he might be in legal trouble for not updating every time he moves around.

Haulmark has two children, though it is not known if they live with him at this address. What really matters here is whether Haulmark knew of this person is a registered sex offender living at the same address when he decided to run for a local public office? Wouldn’t it strike any potential voter as strange for someone eager to dedicate one’s time and energy to public office if it turns out he’s rooming with someone who broke law by exposing his genitals to a minor girl?

All of this points to Haulmark’s poor judgment in not thinking this through when deciding to compete for a state seat, so perhaps it’s best for him to be guided back to bench. District 15 is historically a Republican stronghold, so it’s not given that he will win the general election anyway. Nevertheless, this story makes for an interesting cyber-paper, wouldn’t you say so?

I can’t take credit for the photos. They were brought up in a Facebook group, and I’d think this will make an interesting diary right here on Redstate.