Sarah Palin – the Ultimate GOP Surrogate

An article in today’s Politico discusses Governor Palin’s efforts to help elect Republican candidates across the country.

I get a lot of calls/questions about Governor Palin since the 2010 SRLC, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to make a quick comment.


As most of you know the 2010 SRLC was the largest Republican Leadership Conference in over 30 years – with more speakers, more press and more attendees than ever before.

I interacted with every major GOP personality in the country leading up to the conference and can tell you first hand that the only thing different about Governor Palin was the intensity of the interest from the attendees, sponsors and even other speakers.

Governor Palin’s staff was incredibly easy to deal with and very professional.

She’s easily the most requested surrogate our party has and it’s a shame that Republicans would rather gripe that they can’t get more of her time instead of being appreciative of everything that she does do.

Charlie Davis
President and CEO
2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Deputy Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana

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