Why does Planned Parenthood want to hear David Daleiden pee?

Planned Parenthood is reeling from undercover videos in which its own senior level leadership is caught negotiating for the highest price for baby body parts and describing the ways they can illegally alter the abortion procedure to “crush” the parts of the baby they don’t need and keep the valuable organs for its buyers. Thus, the nation’s largest abortion business did the only thing it could do. It hired a Democratic opposition research firm to try to discredit the videos. Mainstream media sources that had previously worked hard to ignore the videos could barely contain their joy at the breaking news that a Democrat firm hired by Planned Parenthood says that the videos are edited. And it’s true. David Daleiden has spared the world his trips to the bathroom, and the “right to privacy” movement is upset about that.

In the sometimes five-hour-long full length videos posted online (but generally ignored by Planned Parenthood and its defenders) to accompany each short summary video released, David Daleiden cut out some of the time waiting for meetings, between meetings, or during bathroom breaks.

Even Planned Parenthood’s own paid for “analysis” confirms that there is “no evidence of audio manipulation” in any of the eight videos that have been released. Nor does it claim that the video evidence of the remains of unborn children cavalierly treated as waste – except where they might be sold – is doctored. Nor does this new “analysis” diminish the fact that Stem Express, the baby part harvesting company, “partnered” with Planned Parenthood to meet its baby part needs because “Planned Parenthood is a volume institution.” Nor does it discredit the repeated promises that Stem Express provides a “financial benefit” and “fiscal rewards” to Planned Parenthood. Stem Express has just deleted these incriminating (for Planned Parenthood) promises from its website, but the Internet doesn’t forget.

All Planned Parenthood can do to try to resist the mounting evidence against it that it is engaged in the for-profit trafficking of the hearts, lungs, and livers of the unborn children it has destroyed is to distract. But claiming that five-hour-long videos are “edited” because David Daleiden didn’t share with the world his trips to the bathroom is a new level of desperation.

Is this really what Planned Parenthood wants? #DefundP(ee)P(ee)

Casey Mattox is Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. Follow him on Twitter at @CaseyMattoxADF.