Mayorkas in the Hot Seat With Looming Impeachment Over Border Crisis

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It looks like Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may have to face tough questions from the House Republicans soon, as Americans eagerly await answers on the never-ending border crisis.


As RedState reported, Texas Rep. Pat Fallon filed articles of impeachment against the secretary on Monday for allegedly committing “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which was a popular topic among Republican candidates during the 2022 midterm election, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

It’s now up to the House Judiciary Committee if they decide to move forward with any action, and with Republicans now at the wheel, they’ll likely want to hold hearings and put Mayorkas on the firing line.

Arizona Republican Rep. Juan Ciscomani criticized Mayorkas, and said that new leadership is necessary in an exclusive statement to RedState.

“Secretary Mayorkas has failed in his duty to secure the border. The numbers don’t lie — border encounters, migrant deaths, fentanyl overdoses — all at historic highs,” he said.

“Plain and simple, this is the worst border crisis in history. Secretary Mayorkas needs to go.”

Of course, the real question is whether Mayorkas would actually be removed from office. The truth is that it’s a long process for a cabinet official to be impeached and kicked out, and it’s likely that Mayorkas will be impeached rather than taken off the job, much like when former President Donald Trump was impeached by House Democrats. Democrats in the Senate would not let Mayorkas leave office. But make no mistake the impeachment of Mayorkas would not only bring major headlines but would hopefully bring to light new information and insights about the situation.


Southwesterners deserve answers, yet the border has become a national issue when one considers how migrants end up all over the country, and fentanyl is being trafficked across the border mercilessly by the cartels. Like with Trump, it’s always going to be a talking point among his detractors and historians that he was impeached twice, and people argue to this day whether or not it’s justified. Either way, it makes a significant mark on a public official’s reputation.

Americans gave Republicans the House majority for many reasons, with the border being toward the top of the list. Investigations and looming impeachments might seem like political theater to the left, but it’s not theater. Even if it was, the Democrats do not hesitate when they’re in control of the speaker’s gavel, as they are a professional ensemble of actors for their donors.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was edited post-publication to clarify comments by Rep. Ciscomani.)


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