Tim Tebow Has a Perfect Message for Men Going Into the New Year

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I’ve said for a while now that there are few good role models for men, young men in particular, in the current public sphere. Violence, aggression, and loneliness are not only common themes portrayed in media, but they’ve become the norm in real life.


Thankfully, Tim Tebow is the exception to that rule, as he’s continuously used his reach for good in both and out of the sports arena.

The former NFL player and commentator has made waves for years when it comes to being open about his Christian faith, which is something that seems to be a rarity in the age of people-pleasing and the looming fear of cancellation. But Tebow has shared his faith in a way that is not only bold but respectful and effective.

This is hard to find in the influencer era, where people will often place shock value over actually using their platform to glorify God. It’s refreshing to see when somebody decides to take the higher road and share the gospel in a way that can bring new people into the fold and nourish current believers.

Personally, Tebow’s biblical advice has been a big help to me when I need to read or hear content that is uplifting, especially on matters of faith.

I interviewed Tebow about his book “Mission Possible” for PJ Media in April, but now he has a devotional book, “Mission Possible One-Year Devotional: 365 Days of Inspiration for Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose”, to complement it. RedState was provided with a special preview of the book, which will give men of faith a daily boost in our fallen world.


In one devotional titled “You Are A Divine Work of Art”, Tebow refers to the apostle Paul to remind us about who’s really in charge if we want to live extraordinary lives (hint: it’s not us!).

Trying to fit in is a solid strategy for living an average life. But God didn’t call you to be average. He didn’t make you the same as everyone else. When the apostle Paul called us God’s workmanship, he used the Greek word poiema, which means “making,” in the biggest, most creative sense of the word. A good translation might be “the works of God as creator.”1 Some translations use “masterpiece” instead of “workmanship.” You are a divine work of art.

Tebow then warns of comparison, which is something that we’re all guilty of at some point. While it’s true that social media is a factor in this, most of us have to work through the realization that we’re never going to be exactly like somebody else that we might believe to be “better” than us, or possess all the material objects that they have. Jealously hurts and can creep up on us, Tebow writes that it’s vital to honor God’s mission for us and to ignore the noise.

You are one of one, created in love, for love, and by Love. 

When you start to embrace and even celebrate how God made you, you can begin to do extraordinary things. When you accept your divine image and see yourself as God sees you, the stress and anxiety of comparison will fade away. Be free to be who God says you are. You matter too much to God to be just like everyone else. 


He then closes out the devotional with a question that is not quick to answer, but it will leave you thinking throughout the day.

What does it mean to be an image bearer of God? How does that make you see other people as valuable?

Tebow’s message should leave us all wondering how we can work in our own lives for His glory. We don’t need to be former football players to share the love of Christ with others, but we need to spend time reflecting on how God is working in our lives and how to be a brighter light for others. Everyone’s here for a reason, and God has amazing ways of showing us what that is.


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