Inflation and Thanksgiving: It's About Dignity

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

As inflation is still giving the American lower and middle class a whopping, Thanksgiving is going to be especially painful on some wallets.

A survey from Personal Capital revealed that a quarter of Americans are planning on not having the meal altogether due to financial reasons, and a third are planning to cut back on costs, Fox Business reported.

Democrats in Washington are aware that some of their spending policies bear at least some responsibility for the rise in costs across the board, including the White House. In admitting their own poor reputation, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain posted a list of talking points for Biden supporters to use in order to defend the administration at the Thanksgiving dinner table, as RedState reported.

“One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: some talking points when “that Uncle” comes “at you” about @POTUS,” Klain tweeted. 

And if you look closely, one of the lines of his list of points is “NO taxes on people making above $400k- he kept his promise.”

For starters, copy editors save lives. In addition, this shows how the White House has completely lost touch with many Americans. If a presidential administration is truly successful and brag-worthy, the record would speak for itself. People would be able to see the change in their own lives or hear about it enough in the news that the White House could trust the intellect of the American people and could talk in favor of them without a bullet point list straight from a communications shop.

While I’ve written pieces encouraging people to donate to local food banks, it’s understandable that some will feel hesitant to take advantage of what charities have to offer this time of year. Thanksgiving, especially if someone is hosting more than one person, can be a much higher cost than the normal price of food, and people generally want the dignity of paying for everything themselves.

There should not be a stigma in getting help from a charity this time of year, but many people are in a position where they can afford the necessities but an additional expense like Thanksgiving is out of the question. They might want to forgo getting a Turkey or dessert, or maybe they cannot invite as many people over this year or choose to go potluck style instead.

The point is this– Thanksgiving is an American tradition. It’s a time for people to gather alongside their families and communities to be grateful for those around them and the blessings God has given them. The fact that there are families that are worrying about how to pay for the meal, even if they had no trouble affording it in previous years, is devastating.

America is going to be stuck in this inflation rut for a while, and it’s long past due for government spending to be reigned in. If you choose to bring up politics at the Thanksgiving table this year, pulling out the grocery receipts might make for a nice counterpoint to Klain’s list.


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