WATCH: Kari Lake Urges Voters to Stay in Line, Calls Vote Center Issues 'Not Normal Stuff'

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney Harmeet Dhillon encouraged voters to stay in line to vote despite issues at some vote tabulation centers throughout Maricopa County.


The state uses paper ballots, but the machines to tabulate the ballots are having issues at around 20 percent of vote centers, and some printers are having trouble as well. Maricopa County officials said that they are working toward getting these issues resolved, which are creating long lines at some locations.

Lake said that “People are feeling disenfranchised.”

“This is not normal stuff,” Lake said.

“We’re gonna win, and when we win, there’s gonna be a come to Jesus for elections in Arizona,” Lake later added.

While hiccups in the process are normal when there are a lot of people choosing to vote in person on Election Day, this was a larger problem than expected.

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates told KTAR that 60 vote centers had problems with their tabulation, 12 News correspondent Brahm Resnik tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The county released a statement at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday that they have “identified a solution”:


Maricopa County has identified the solution for the tabulation issues at about 60 Vote Centers. County technicians have changed the printer settings, which seems to have resolved this issue. It appears some of the printers were not producing dark enough timing marks on the ballots. This solution has worked at 17 locations, and technicians deployed throughout the county are working to resolve this issue at the remaining locations.

RedState asked Lake and her attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, if they supported a court-ordered expansion of in-person voting hours tonight because of the issues this morning.

“It’s not something that we want to see happen,” Dhillon said. “There are set hours by law, and so, if the voting problems persist we’ll have to address that issue later.”

“I urge people to go and vote on time and vote in person today, so we don’t have drama,” Dhillon added.


For people in Maricopa County looking to vote and for line wait times, they can go to


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