Trump to Arizona Voters: 'Don't Leave the Line'

AP Photo/Matt York

Former President Donald Trump recorded a video message directed at Arizona voters on Tuesday afternoon, as some vote centers were running into printer issues.

Trump encouraged people to stay in line but criticized the elections process, in a clip posted to Ric Grennell’s Twitter:


“Don’t leave the line. Stay where you are. They say that the machines aren’t working. They say that they are running out of paper in different locations throughout different states. There’s a lot of bad things going on,” Trump said.

“Stay on line. Do not leave. I know you don’t wanna be there as long as they’re gonna try and force you. They’re want to delay you out of voting. And you cannot let them delay you out of voting.”

He then specifically addressed the Grand Canyon state’s issues:

“To the people of Arizona in particular, because that’s the one that’s come up right now: Stay on line. Don’t leave. Already a lot of people have left, and it’s very very unfair what’s going on. Maricopa County- don’t leave. Stay there,” Trump added.

Maricopa County released a statement Tuesday that they discovered that there were specific problems with printer settings, which led to delays and issues at roughly 60 vote centers.


The settings on the printers have reportedly been fixed at about half the locations where there were issues so far, VoteBeat’s Jen Fifield reported.

If someone is in line to vote in Maricopa County by 7 p.m., they will still be allowed to vote. To find a voting location and wait times, go to


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