First Lady Jill Biden Joins Mark Kelly in Phoenix - Despite Pres. Biden's 58 Percent Disapproval in Arizona

First Lady Jill Biden joins Sen. Mark Kelly at an event in Phoenix, Arizona, on Nov. 5, 2022. Credit: Cameron Arcand

First Lady Jill Biden campaigned for Arizona Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly on Saturday afternoon in south Phoenix. Biden and Kelly hosted a canvassing launch ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, with the mission of boosting Democrat voter turnout and encouraging undecided voters to support the incumbent.


While many issues were discussed, the economy was a major focus.

The First Lady said that Democrats “have gotten so much done. They rescued us from the chaos of the pandemic. They created millions of jobs, and they’re working to bring down costs for families.”

“We have to use these last three days to get out the vote,” Biden said.

Kelly spoke prior to Biden, in which he touted his current record in the Senate.

“I will be fighting for middle class taxpayers and working class people,” Kelly said. “And unions.”

The senator is in a heated race with Republican candidate Blake Masters. Kelly held a steady lead in polling for months, but his lead has since narrowed.

”We cannot keep the momentum going without Mark Kelly,” Jill Biden said.

RealClearPolitics has Kelly leading by 1 percent, according to their polling data average.

Republicans have criticized the Democrat’s decision to campaign with Biden, and National Education Association teachers union President Becky Pringle on Saturday, as well.

“For his closing argument, Mark Kelly decided to remind Arizonans he votes with Joe Biden 94 percent of the time and backs the teachers unions that locked kids out of school over COVID,” Republican National Committee spokesman Ben Petersen said in a statement.

While the president has also been campaigning in states such as Florida, which is expected to continue its Republican trend, the First Lady is also working to make her case for Democrats. However, the president holds a 58 percent disapproval rating in Arizona, according to Morning Consult.


A White House source reportedly told The New York Times in October that Jill Biden is the most highly requested person to campaign from within the Biden administration.


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