We Should Be Able to Dream Bigger

Danny Johnston

When I interviewed Congressman Burgess Owens (R-Utah) in June, he said something that has stuck with me months later, and it truly reminds me of what this nation is about.

He mentioned how a key role of government should be to remove obstacles in the way of achieving their dreams in order to pave a brighter future for the next generation.

From the interview:

The cause is that we have a president who’s actually clueless. This is what happens when we don’t really take, our politics and our politicians seriously. At the end of the day, the goal of American people [is to] have people in place that represent us, who understand our dreams, our hopes, our obstacles, understand what it takes to be successful, and then take as many obstacles away from those dreams as possible. We have a guy who’s president for 50 years [who] has never had a job, has never had a real job, has never had a business, and is totally clueless about what drives our economy. People need to be able to dream as big as they can and not have to think of every single day, how much is gonna cost me to get to work, to get to my business, to drop my kids off, to take vacations.

We can’t, every single day, go to the grocery store and wonder “Do I need to pull back on feeding my children so I can do other things?” We have not only an administration who [are] totally ideologues, but they have no empathy for the pain that people are going through right now. It’s time for them, very simply, to open up our energy independence. Once again, we have in our country the ability to not only have cheap, clean, and abundant fuel to take care of the things that people need to do every single day to achieve their dreams. Instead, they’re talking about now, “Take away the tariffs, so we get more solar panel panels from China.” I mean this, if it wasn’t so serious, it’d be funny. The types of solutions these guys are coming up with.

While Democrats are touting the Inflation Reduction Act and the American Rescue Plan on the campaign trail, voters have a responsibility to ask themselves if they are truly better off than they were two years ago, or four years ago when Republicans held both Congress and the White House.

Democrats have already been using spin tactics in their advertising to explain how they spent taxpayer dollars, and what that fiscal irresponsibility supposedly achieved. But they’ll rarely explain how the government got out of the way so people have fewer regulations and are able to dream bigger without just throwing cash at issues. Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, a vulnerable Democrat, is arguing that he is fighting for lower costs because of the work done on prescription medications. The commercial is referencing a specific law worked into the Inflation Reduction Act, according to his official website.

While people could be saving money on that specific category, Kelly voted to support both the Inflation Reduction Act, which does nothing for inflation, and the American Rescue Plan, which worsens inflation. Simply, he’s giving his constituents a misleading picture.

The reality is that these bills, especially when considering the current context the United States is bouncing back from a pandemic, are merely branding failing life support as an accomplishment. America’s recovery could have had so much more potential, but instead, we’re technically in another recession.

I’d like to believe that brighter days are ahead for the United States, particularly days where people are able to pursue their goals with fewer limitations.

It’s important to consider the basics like keeping more money in your wallet, the prospect of owning a home, and making it easier to start a business or side hustle are core tenants of the American dream. Voters need to critically think and ask themselves if who they’re supporting would actually make that dream more accessible beyond the superficial level.

There’s a difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is impossible and has poor results when tried, but America needs to strive to provide more opportunities for more people each day, and this means unleashing the true power of the free market and the individual.


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