Border States Are Treated Like Hot Garbage Compared to the Outrage for East Coast

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Oh, so now people care.

Some of us have been sounding the alarm on the border crisis for months. When a new policy from a Republican governor has come down the pipeline, those of us who understand the horrific issues of drug trafficking at the border and the humanitarian issues welcomed the ideas.


However, many on both sides of the aisle have been hesitant toward the idea of busing, even though the Biden administration also chartered flights of illegal immigrants to cities throughout the country no questions asked. Those flights are even considered “routine”, according to the group Immigration Impact.

The only difference is that Republicans are doing it this time, and people have a natural disposition to believe that they would somehow be treating illegal immigrants worse than the federal government would. They’re worried that because the locations are typically sanctuary cities and areas with a high number of Democratic voters, they would somehow be mistreated along the way.

Well, this Newsnation report from earlier this month following a bus from Texas sums it up pretty well:

Migrants on board are given water and meals ready to eat packages filled with things like lentil stew, shortbread cookies, crackers and water.

If there was ample proof of inhumane treatment in the transportation process, then people should rightfully be calling for the practice to end. But there is null evidence to support that. If people believe that the movement itself is bad, they must consider the fact that they are often being transferred to areas where they would probably have more legal protections and resources than they would in Texas and Arizona.


So when DeSantis decided to fly people to Martha’s Vineyard this week, left-wing pundits and the national media’s heads spun. Illegal immigrants were already being brought to New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago for weeks now, but apparently this is where the line had been crossed. Those illegal immigrants are now in Cape Cod, and the state government is assisting them, The Cape Cod Times reported.

Now the talking points are about how Republican governors are creating a crisis, instead of considering the actual border crisis.

“There is another aspect around Ron DeSantis’s assault on decency that deserves comment. He is literally attacking an American community in a different state and trying to hurt and destabilize it,” pundit Steve Schmidt tweeted. “He is abusing his power to attack Massachusetts to please Fox News and MAGA.”


Few voices care to mention the burden border communities have suffered for months that are not equipped with nearly as many resources or people as some cities on the East Coast are. There is clearly a degree of implicit bias, if not intentional bias, against other regions of the country because they view them as less significant. The attitudes expressed throughout this whole saga have made those biases abundantly clear.

All this is doing is taking a small part of the massive burden from border states and placing it on other regions, so that way the actual border region can function slightly more efficiently. If a political point is made along the way, big whoop.


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